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Gender issues

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Economic empowerment by farming for widows in Uganda


This project is aimed at supporting 200 widows living with HIV/AIDS and 600 children under their care, so that they are able to live and support their households. The project will primarily address issues connected to - Household income insecurity - Food and nutritional insecurity - High...

Funding and volunteers needed for the vulnerable in Amolatar, Uganda


Bridge Of Hope Organization is a non-governmental and non-political organization, not affiliated to any religious denomination founded to create and develop programs for supporting and uplifting vulnerable children, youth and women within the district of Amolatar and, eventually, the whole of...

Projects for community development in Zambia


Great Commission for People Development and Orphans gives support to the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable families especially women and children out of school. The project will support to improve family and community welfare to enable to raise their living conditions, reduce the...

Empower Girls by Entrepreneurship in Rwanda


Rwandan girls who did not have a chance to continue their studies gain professional training which enables them to access employment and income generation activities in order to raise the living standards in families. This project is also about informing these young girls about sexual reproductive...

Support vulnerable girls in Kenya


The community where we operate is classified as minority tribe and girls are facing severe challenges through traditional and customary systems and other effects from neighboring communities. The girls in the community are not regarded like their male counterparts. To rescue the girl child, we...

Initiation of Breast Cancer Prevention & Early Detection Program in Goma/DRC


This project aims to initiate breast cancer prevention and to make the screening, mammography and treatment (surgery) available for women in our country, especially in our community (the city of Goma). This kind of activities are innovative practices in our region even if they may be common in...

Vocational training and HIV/AIDS awareness to vulnerable groups in Uganda


We are helping our community through the Palmyrah Workers Development Society by working on a project for disadvantaged people in our society; women with disabilities, widows, orphans, and teenage mothers. We address the issues on poverty, gender based violence, HIV/Aids prevalence, and...

Micro-credit for low-income women in Ghana


Human Development Focus is a NGO non-profit organization working for total development of humankind, especially for the disadvantaged and marginalized population in society. We started a micro credit scheme for low income women in 2002, helping to provide funding to improve incomes of poor women in...

Income generating activities for deprived communities in India


Women in rural areas of India suffer both economically and socially. As a result of their general status as second class citizens, development programmes do not take into account the aspirations of women, and are not effective in achieving their objectives. Rural women in our project area...

Fighting AIDS through income generating projects in Kenya


Kenya is home to over 42 million people, and has the 6th highest HIV prevalence rate in sub-Saharan Africa. It has an HIV prevalence rate of 6.3%, and more than 1.4 million Kenyans are living with HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS pandemic in Kenya has been disproportionately impacting women. Roughly 3 out of...