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1 sowing machine and 1 hoover available for donation in Bristol. Verified non-profit organisation

An individual would like to donate these two items to a charity. They are both second hand and in good working order. They would like the charity to collect them from Bristol.

Hotel furniture for donation in Sydney Verified non-profit organisation

Hotel furniture such as couches, arm chairs, foot stools and office chairs available for collection in Sydney, Australia. See attached inventory. 139 pieces in total.

STEAM kits for kids for donation in Japan Verified non-profit organisation

A company will be packing 100 STEAM kits for kids in Japan. These include items such as those shown in the images - a spectroscope and playdough electric circuit.

Donation of children rechargeable solar lamps in Egypt Verified non-profit organisation

A company would like to organize the donation of 90 to 100 solar lamps. They will be able to ship them to a charity within Egypt. See the attached picture for details.

Pens For Kids UK - Offering pens and pencils to children across the world.

We are Pens For Kids UK, a family run registered charity who are dreaming of a world where every child has access to pens and pencils. We receive donations of working stationery, old and new, and send to kids across the globe at no cost to them or their parents, schools, etc. We can donate large...

84 brand new lunch boxes available for donation near Coventry, West Midlands. Verified non-profit organisation

The lunch boxes are brand new, see pictures for design. The donor would prefer for a charity to collect them.

185 books, English Literature: 'The knife of never letting go' available for collection in Milton Keynes Verified non-profit organisation

A donor would like to give a set of 182 units of books. The books are literature for teenagers. It is a specific title: 'The knife of never letting go'. The donor requires the charity to collect the books from Milton Keynes. The books are not brand new but are in very good condition.

31 pieces of luggage in the USA Verified non-profit organisation

A company is offering 31 pieces of luggage in USA. The suitcases are varying sizes, and all have minimal cosmetic damage, eg scratches and scuffs, but all in workable order. They are all hard-shelled, wheeled luggage. The styles vary, but would be similar to what is shown on the webpage attached....

Regular donation of used bathroom fittings, toilets, basins, shower valves in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A bathroom fitting company based in Edinburgh Scotland has second-hand professionally removed bathrooms and shower room suites. This donation would be ongoing with the frequency to be determined with the donor. The goods will include the following: bathroom fittings, toilets, basins, shower...

Large quantities (6000) hand knitted "Wraps with Love" blankets available in Sydney Verified non-profit organisation

'Wraps with Love' is a not for profit organisation that makes hand knitted single bed size blankets. They currently have approx 6,000 available for distribution. These need to be collected from the warehouse in Sydney, Australia. They are donated on the condition they will not be sold, traded or...