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School in the USA to donate 160 student desks & chairs (or more)


We would like to donate our gently used student desks & chairs to a school in need of student furniture. They are solid, comfortable and reliable. We've love to help a place that is in need. The receiving organisation must collect the furniture from Marietta, Georgia (USA).

100 boxes of Fire and Rescue Service Verified non-profit organisation


A Fire station currently has a surplus amount of rerobe and disrobe packs approx. 100 boxes which contain approx. 5 packs of either rerobe or disrobe 9see the picture). They contain ponchos, overalls, waterproofs, socks, rubber shoes, underwear, sanitary products, dust masks, and there are...

Batteries and Flashlights in Thailand Verified non-profit organisation


We would like to donate a large number of batteries and flashlights. The offer is located near Bangkok. Ideally for the organisation in Thailand.

Portugese suiting linen wool fabric in India Verified non-profit organisation


We have 685 meters Cargo of Portuguese suiting linen wool fabric, navy. It is 90% wool, 8% linen, 2% elastane.

Apparel brand offering new and unworn merchandise


We are a global lifestyle apparel brand with a subsidiary business in Australia. We have a supply of excess men and women's clothing inventory that we are able to donate to those in need within countries/regions in which we do not have a brand presence.

Free Donations of Vitamins and Deworming for Children and Pregnant Women


If you are an NGO registered in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean or the Middle East, and if you support children under 5 and/or pregnant women in communities of need, you are invited to apply for an annual vitamin grant. If your application is approved, you will receive...

Brand new laptop bags - located in Hong Kong (can also be used as school bags) Verified non-profit organisation


We have about 450 brand new laptop bags (brand Vaio) located in Hong Kong. They are equipped with shoulder straps so they can also be used as school bags. There is no cost for the product, but the recipient NGO would need to arrange transport from Hong Kong.

Brand new strollers and travel cots - located in Hong Kong Verified non-profit organisation


We have 300 new strollers (pushchairs) and 75 travel cots available for distribution. The strollers are suitable for small children. There is no cost, but the strollers and cots need to be collected from Hong Kong - they will fill a 20' container. The strollers are either in red or black/grey...

Aircraft service for the hard-to-reach places


When natural disasters, conflict or famine strike hard-to-reach places, an aircraft may be the only safe way to reach the affected areas. MAF would like to discover the new partners for the service we provide for the hard-to-reach places.

Brand new clothing - for ladies and children - located in Hong Kong Verified non-profit organisation


We have about 34,000 items of knitted and woven ladies' clothing (long sleeve pullovers, blouses, skirts, cardigans) and roughly 9.000 pcs of children's clothing (long sleeve pullovers, pants) available in Hong Kong. They may be shipped elsewhere if desired. There is no cost for the product. The...