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100+ boxes used educational materials (English) Verified non-profit organisation


I have a large consignment of the above items which were originally destined for a disabled children’s school in Tanzania. Sadly, the cost of shipment cannot be met and we are disposing of all the material. There are over 100 large serial numbered packing cases of items which have been sorted,...

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7/9 pallets Unwanted/unused work uniform for the people of Syria Verified non-profit organisation


We have a pallet of unwanted/ unused work uniform from our business as we have moved to a new uniform spec.

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200 new school uniforms Verified non-profit organisation


We would like to offer 200 new uniforms (age 5-8).

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Boxes with new T-shirts, jumpers, notebooks, pens and hats Verified non-profit organisation


We currently go through a name change and we have some T-shirts/jumpers etc with the old brand but don’t want to just chuck away.

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Rechargeable batteries for donation in Bangkok, Thailand Verified non-profit organisation


A donor would like to donate nearly 3,000 packs of rechargeable batteries (2 per pack, C size) and more than 4,000 packs containing one charger + 2 reusable batteries (AA). The batteries have 1-2 years before expiry. The batteries are located on the outskirts of Bangkok and need to be collected...

JOMIGO Family Enterprises


JOMIGO FAMILY ENTERPRISES is a comprehensive community engagement initiative with a wide range of unique and strategic agricultural activities to polarize the neighborhood families into meaningful actions for survival and positive livelihood transformation. The vision of the enterprise is to...

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106 wooden children's beds with storage drawer underneath - in Hong Kong Verified non-profit organisation


106 of these wooden children's beds are available for donation in HK. They cannot be dismantled. They are mostly new and have been used for only 6 months.

Global Minder Cameroon


Globalminder Cameroon is an apolitical, non-profit making civil society organization which started in 2003 under the name Forestry and Environmental Conservation Society (FOECONS) with registration number G39/10/014/5/113/04 and legalized under country laws in 2004 and recognized under the law NO...

Uganda United Skills Trainers Association Community Based Organisation


Uganda United Skills Trainers is a community based organization with over 1000 or more beneficiaries. The organization aims to empower, support and economically build a group of self-reliant youth, young Mothers, vulnerable children, disabled, prostitutes and women who are sustainably contributing...

Global Campaign for Health and Wellbeing


Global Campaign for Health and Wellbeing is platform set up by Mohammad Khorshed Alam, a Pharmacist and social influencer. The purpose of the platform is to share & bring awareness to people about Nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing. Mohammad believes Good health is about the mind as well as the...