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JOMIGO Family Enterprises


JOMIGO FAMILY ENTERPRISES is a comprehensive community engagement initiative with a wide range of unique and strategic agricultural activities to polarize the neighborhood families into meaningful actions for survival and positive livelihood transformation. The vision of the enterprise is to...

Ped Panchayat


'Ped Panchayat' is an organization body of human beings that promotes : 1. planting more and more trees and protect them 2. mass awareness about the importance of trees and plants 3. saving of threatening plants and trees, 4. protecting and preserve indigenous species of plants and trees and...

Dakar Community Outreach


Dakar Community Outreach is a nonprofit organization formulated to assist the less privilege in Senegal . The organization was formed by different nationalities who believe they could make the society a better place by enriching the poor through training programs, realizing the fact that the...

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Up to 200 white office tables available in Hong Kong Verified non-profit organisation


A donor company is offering up to 200 white office tables for donation to Hong Kong NGOs. The dimensions of each one are 1600mm wide, 750mm deep and 750mm high. See attached photo.

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Office furniture in Hong Kong Verified non-profit organisation


Office cabinets, chairs and sofas available as per attached inventory (with photos). Also, the donor has around 100 19" Phillips LCD monitors with VGA port for donation.

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Almost 14,000 pieces of new crockery from a coffee chain in Sydney, Australia Verified non-profit organisation


A donor company would like to give away crockery with their old branding. The items are all new. The detailed inventory is attached, but the offer includes espresso cups and saucers, regular saucers, plates, rice bowls and tea pots. The items may be sold. The donor is willing to transport...

Crossroads Foundation Verified non-profit organisation


Crossroads Foundation is a Hong Kong based, non-profit organisation serving global need. We believe that, in a broken world that sees too much suffering, we should do all we can to link those who are in need with those who can provide help. So we provide an intersection, literally a crossroads, to...

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Used airline blankets - located in Hong Kong Verified non-profit organisation


We have about 1600 airline blankets located in Hong Kong. They are a mix of mainly 2 sizes and rather thin blankets. There is no cost for the product but the recipient must have the full financial capacity to arrange a 20 foot container from Hong Kong.

Rivers of Living Water Missions


Vision : to produce believers in Christ who build people centring on the message of Jesus Christ so as to become mission minded. Mission : Loving, serving people of all races, and winning the lost souls to Jesus Christ Objectives & Purposes I. To teach, train and make disciples of all...

Dumalogdog Elementary School


Dumalogdog Elementary School is a public elementary School in South Sindangan District having 10 teachers and 278 learners this school year. Recently, the school faces issues on low literacy, malnutrition and absenteeism of learners. Seventy five percent of the households depend on farming and with...