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Darren Hannant

This is a one off partnership as we have an excess of stock that we'd like to put to good use.

BCB International Ltd

For over 160 years, BCB International has built up knowledge and expertise in developing life-saving and protective equipment for those operating hundreds and thousands of miles away, in challenging environments. ISO quality standards and a long established supplier to UK government departments...


Palletised freight network of 97 hauliers across the UK and Ireland. Palletline aims to provide innovation services designed to support the needs of their customers and members right across the nation. Their dedicated teams drive fast, efficient and reliable services with every pallet transported...

Akuoro Restore Hope Initative Uganda

RHOI - Uganda is a fully registered Community Based Organization with its operations within Serere District Local Government under the Uganda Non-Governmental Organizational statue/act of 1989 (NGO Act 2016- Revised). RHOI-Uganda attained its registration status with Serere District Local...

Tanzania Economic Empowerment and Environmental Management Initiative ( Teeemi )

Teeemi is a National Non governmental registered organization having an aim to serve the community in terms of social, economical, education, health and nature activities for better future. Teeemi major projects are: 1.Tanzania Agriculture Initiative 2.Vocation Education Project 3.Tanzania...

Kidera Health Centre IV

Kidera health centre IV is a public medical facility located in Buyende District, found in Eastern central Uganda, 51 KM from Kamuli-Bukungu road. The Health Centre is the highest level facility in the district and referral centre for all the health facilities in Buyende district. Buyende falls...

The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region

Since 1953, The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region (The Arc NCR) has helped people with differing abilities build better lives one person at a time. The Arc NCR supports individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities from birth through the end of life, or over “The Arc of their...

Joshaua's House Of Helping Hands

Joshaua's House Of Helping Hands provides access to many needed resources not otherwise available to those whom need it most in the community, the homeless, unemployed, drug addicts, and less fortunate and unable to obtain free access to. The organization helps file the appropriate applications...

Social Relief and Development Agency

Social Relief and Development Agency (SRDA) is a local NGO working in Somalia / Somaliland. SRDA was founded by a group of community elders, leaders and professionals having different specialties, who came up with the views of establishing the pillars of this organization on September 2004 SRDA...

Muwanga Development Association

Muwanga Development Association (MUWADA, Uganda) is an NGO operating in Kiboga district, Central Uganda. The organization was founded by University Graduates passionate about giving back to the communities where they are born and grew up from in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility as well...

Power of Holy Spirit children's Organization

Power Of Holy Spirit Children's Organization exists to advocate for children by designing programs that meet their needs through a holistic approach in Uganda.

Winnies Women World Initiative

Winnie`s Women World Initiative (W3) is a Ghanaian based Non Governmental Organization that empowers young women and children to break shells of cultural limitations to achieve their goals. we are working to achieve SDG1, SDG2, SDG4, SDG5 and SDG8. Primary objective 1. empower women to be...

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Company donating large quantity of sustainable hygiene kits for Ukraine Verified non-profit organisation

A UK company would like to partners with NGOs in Ukraine or in the neighbouring countries to donate large quantities of sustainable Hygiene kits containing: soap bar, shampoo and conditioner and Bamboo Comb.

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Company donating essential goods to the Middle East

A company would like to organize a collection of essential goods to support and NGO working in Syria, Yemen or Palestine. They would like to colect the goods that are most needed there and need to partner with an NGO.

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Cleaning and PPE equipment of various types available in Leavesden , UK Verified non-profit organisation

A company would like to donate a small trucksize load of cleaning and PPE supplies. The goods include Wipes, Sanitizer (1L and 4 galons), Gloves, Gowns and Visors, as well as some large empty Plastic Boxes.

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27 pallets of Hand Sanitizer available in Haworth, UK

We have a surplus stock of hand sanitiser that we would like to donate. There is 27/28 pallets (995 boxes x 96 120ml bottles).

Diversity House

Diversity House is a charitable organisation based in Kent, England focused on integration, re-integration, inclusion and cohesion of people and communities across Kent. Diversity House is a small-to-medium sized charity with a staffing base of 7 persons. Community development projects take place...

Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation

Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation (Hope For Rural Dwellers) is a voluntary, non-profit, charitable, social, non-political, non-governmental, inter-faith and welfare Organisation Registered in Ghana Under section 27 and 28 of 1963 Companies Code (Act 179) with registration number G-35, 853. ...

Humanitarian Aid Organization

Humanitarian Aid Organization (HAO) is a charity and non_Profit Organization with a vision : Exists to provide Education, Health, build resilience, clean and nuisance free environment, climate change and natural disasters research. HAO works to provide services by building dignity to refugees and...

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155,000 KN95 medical grade Masks available in Birmingham

Donate 155,000 KN95 medical grade masks. We are seeking a partner to transport the 19 pallets of masks.