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100 boxes of Fire and Rescue Service Verified non-profit organisation


A Fire station currently has a surplus amount of rerobe and disrobe packs approx. 100 boxes which contain approx. 5 packs of either rerobe or disrobe 9see the picture). They contain ponchos, overalls, waterproofs, socks, rubber shoes, underwear, sanitary products, dust masks, and there are...

Mi Nina cameroon


Education in Cameroon, although constitutionally guaranteed, falls short in execution. Undeniable disparities hinder educational access for poor, disabled, indigenous and refugee children, particularly disadvantaged girls. Issues ranging from sexual harassment, unplanned pregnancies and early...

Epiphany Trust Verified non-profit organisation


Initially formed in response to the Romanian orphanage crisis in 1990, the Epiphany Trust is a non-profit organisation that provides aid and education to the disabled or disadvantaged children and young people and assistance to adults who serve them. They also support a number of economic...

Hope House Foundation Kenya


Hope House Foundation Kenya is a registered non-profit organization through Kenyan government. The Foundation deals with general humanitarian aid. Activities : 1) Caring for orphans and street children. 2) Caring for widows and elderly 3) To eradicate poverty in the society 4) To campaign...

Clips Centre Community Based organization


Clips centre is a registered community based organization in Kenya with a vision for a just and empowered youth. The organization's mission is to socio-economically empower vulnerable youth through vocational and entrepreneurship training, capacity building, lobbying and advocacy. Beneficiaries are...

Kalumbila Women of Excellence


Kalumbila Women of Excellence is a group of women in Kalumbila and other towns in Zambia who have identified the numerous challenges women are facing. The group have come up with an Organization that looks after prisoners wives and their kids. Aim / Goals • To produce a woman who is able to...

Act of Random Kindness Foundation International


Act of Random Kindness Foundation International is a non-governmental, non-partisan and not-for-profit humanitarian and research organization committed to promoting and improving healthcare delivery services through direct interventions to underserved, hard-to-reach and neglected communities;...

Safe World Enterprises


Safe World Enterprises is a Kenyan company that deals in sanitary products. The company also runs a number of programmes designed to educate young people about drugs, health and careers.

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Batteries and Flashlights in Thailand Verified non-profit organisation


We would like to donate a large number of batteries and flashlights. The offer is located near Bangkok. Ideally for the organisation in Thailand.

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Portugese suiting linen wool fabric in India Verified non-profit organisation


We have 685 meters Cargo of Portuguese suiting linen wool fabric, navy. It is 90% wool, 8% linen, 2% elastane.