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Gender issues

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verified non-profit organisations

Establish a seed fund for rural women entrepreneurs in Uganda


We are an organization that has helped to start village savings banks (over 17) among rural women in villages throughout Eastern Uganda. Each week, the women get together to add a small amount of money that they have saved to a combined fund. Women can then take loans from the savings bank and...

Help to build a school for vulnerable girls in Maasailand, Kenya


We work with vulnerable young mothers and children, most of whom are between 13 and 18 years old. When these girls give birth their lives become hopeless as they are unable to continue with their education and frequently find it difficult to support their children. We want to ensure that young...

Help to create micro-enterprises for women in Mazini, Swaziland, Verified non-profit organisation


We are aiming to assist underprivileged women in Manzini to attain financial independence through the creation of micro-businesses that will generate income. In Manzini, the most densely populated town in Swaziland, there are very few possibilities for self-advancement. Women, in particular,...

Volunteers needed to assist the Institute for Integrated Rural Development, Hong Kong)


We aim to assist the people living in poverty-stricken rural areas of China to improve their livelihoods and raise their ability to fulfill their potential. Our goal is to ensure that the children and women in impoverished rural areas of China have access to quality and affordable health care...

Help to establish vocational training centres for women in India


We aim to help the underprivileged in India in regard to education, healthcare, self-employment, social welfare and disaster relief. We provide scholarships for poor students and have established a medical diagnostic centre cum polyclinic and conduct free medical camps. We also distribute food...

Help Girls to stay in school in the Korogocho slum, Kenya


We are trying to help school girls in the Korogocho slum stay in school by providing them with a monthly supply of sanitary pads. Many poor families cannot afford to buy sanitary protection for their daughters who consequently do not attend school during their menstrual periods. This then means...

Establishing a laboratory to help pregnant women in Yaounde, Cameroon.


The rate of maternal/infant mortality in Cameroon is alarming (650/1000 women die per year.) Mothers die while giving birth, and children die before their fifth birthday. The situation creates a great deal of panic among women who say their last prayers before going into the labour wards because ...

Combatting violence against women in Iraq


Our federation is involved in supporting civil society in Iraq. We implement projects designed to increase democracy in our country and need your help to do this. A group of people we specifically want to help are women who are too often the target of violence and domestic abuse. Due to a...

Support the fight against female genital mutilation (FGM) and HIV/AIDS in Manyoni District, Tanzania


We are trying to help women in villages of Manyoni District in Tanzania, where Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) are still being performed. FGM is a traditional custom practiced for centuries among most of the tribes living in our area. Women still put their lives at risk by practicing the custom and...

Vocational training for women and vulnerable children in Uganda


The Charity Foundation Uganda is a community based NGO that operates in the Luuka district. We provide vocational skills designed to lead to job creation and we promote saving and credit schemes. We are also interested in environmental conservation and health. We want to assist young people and...