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Gender issues

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Sanitary pads project for young women in Nairobi


Aspire Kibera wants to help young woman who can not afford sanitary towels in Kibera (Nairobi, Kenya). For young people from Kibera slum there are many obstacles that prevent them from going to school. One simple issue that affects many young women is the lack of access to sanitary towels. Many...

Advocating for Women Land-ownership Rights in Kasase District, Uganda


We are trying to help women who have lost the ownership of land to their husbands, thus leaving them with no land for cultivation which has greatly increased the levels of poverty. The right to property and equality with evidence indicates great abuse of women rights over land ownership in...

Help rural women in Uganda to increase food security


We aim to contribute to the eradication of hunger/food insecurity and environmental degradation through sustainable development initiatives and modern farming technologies. We know that women are the leading source of food production, and realise that empowering women in modern farming...

Improve employment and income for young women in Mufindi Iringa Region in Tanzania


We have had extensive experience of working with vulnerable groups in our community, including young people and street children. Girls and young women are among the most vulnerable of these groups. They live in an environment fraught with risks. The combination of an unstable family environment,...

Project Helping Widows in Tamil Nadu, India


We are trying to help women and children by addressing issues of women's development and the importance of education for the children and vocational training for the unemployed widows. We also provide free hospital medical camps for the needy. Our main purpose of the project is to help the...

Partner to upscale poverty alleviation and climate change project in India


We are helping indigenous women and youths at the base of the pyramid, enabling them earn some US$ 3-5 a day from just under US$ 1 a day. We are into production and ensuring alternative livelihood for them introducing from their destructive system of livelihood. The program helps them to...

Help HIV/AIDS affected households through micro-credit in Uganda


We are trying to help HIV/AIDS affected women and youth headed households in the Rakai & Lwengo Districts to improve their resource management and develop their ability to generate income. This will reduce their vulnerability. We want to do this through vigorous training of the...

Financial and material support for community project in Kenya


Our organisation is helping children and women as well as the youth and the general community with their development agendas. We do this by providing trainings on HIV/AIDS, providing feeding program, supporting resource centers, sponsorships, building community schools, providing uniforms,...

Empower girls in Sierra Leone


We support girls between 5-19 who have a need for protection. This is a group that includes orphans, rape and domestic violence victims, HIV positive and out-of-school girls who have no functioning family to turn to for help. They come from areas with harmful cultural practices and with no basic...

Empower young girls in Nigeria


We are trying to address the issue of young girls who leave school and become prostitutes. It's a global problem. The facts abound from community to community round the world. Approximately one-quarter of girls in developing countries are not in school. We are focusing on 60 girls girls between...