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Gender issues

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Establishment of literacy centres for wome in Congo (Democratic Republic of)


Education in the DRC is not free, leading to many families giving priority to sending boys to school. Congolese culture encourages women to stay at home and look after the family, thus severely inhibiting their access to education and development opportunities. FEDA conducted a needs assessment...

Sewing machines required for vocational training in Ghana


Redeem Africa Leadership Foundation (RALFo) is a registered non governmental organization focusing on developing human resources by creating an environment of effective leadership role into African culture. We assess cultural and normative practices by assessing their impact on society and...

Help to build school in Nepal


The Better Life Social Organisation is a social service organisation in Nepal that aims to assist the most marginalized and futureless communities as well as farmers. We focus on women's livelihoods, children's education, providing balanced diets for young children, the welfare of orphans,...

Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Homabay County,Kenya


It is estimated that the number of AIDS orphans in Kenya is 2.4 million. The OVC/HCBC Project intends to support 1500 of these children. OVC constitute the most vulnerable members of the society because they lack basic needs such as food, health care,shelter and education. In addition they...

Menstrual health and hygiene project, Uganda


We are helping women and girls improving their menstrual health through the promotion of a better menstruation management and access to information about menstruation disclosed to the general public, hence a reduction of the stigma associations with menstruation. Menstruation is a silent issue;...

Sports Equipment for Female Empowerment in Jordan


Reclaim Childhood is a non profit that seeks to extend the benefit of sport and play to young women in displaced and underserved communities in Jordan. Our mission is to empower young women through sport, and inspire a new generation of female leaders. Since 2008 we have offered organized sports...

Fight trafficking and promote legal rights among tribal women in Ranchi District, India


Migration and trafficking is the common phenomena in the tribal villages of Jharkhand. The proposed district Ranchi which is mostly populated by tribals the migration and trafficking is found in almost all villages. People go to metro cities for livelihood but they are not getting fair treatment...

Support Girls Empowerment Project, Liberia


Girls in Liberia and the rest of Africa face challenges that are acknowledged worldwide, but finding the right program and resources has been a major problem. Young women between ages 17-26 in Liberia are the ones who suffer the most from the war; they were violated, abused, forced into...

Improve health and working conditions for female labourers engaged in stone crushing, India


Title of the project is: A study on health and working conditions of female labourers engaged in stone crusher industry with specific reference to Ranchi district of Jharkhand state. Jharkhand is rich in mineral resources but with poor inhabitants, though it cradles rich industrial houses like...

Funding to Complete Maternity Project, Ghana


Our project is to help the women in Madina, a suburb of Accra, Ghana. Madina has a population of 5000 women and there’s only one government maternity house taking care of all of them. The others are privately owned, leading to a lot of pressure on the facilities available, as well on the medical...