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Gender issues

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Care for HIV/AIDS infected children in Uganda


Kamod Youth HIV/AIDS Support (KYHAS) is a non-profit organization that caters to the future well being of the children of Uganda. By helping to arm themselves against the dangers of disease and destruction that are prevalent in the world today. Providing people with the right kind of medicines and...

Support income generating activities for women in Mali


AFEM has since 2007 been fighting for the advancement of women through improving their living conditions. Malian women are called to play an important role in the projects, if we want to reach real development - "development, seen only in males, results in a non-development". The objective...

Increased representation of women in political decision-making, Mali


This project is part of a greater awareness program for women and political leaders – intended to increase representation of women in decision-making bodies. Given the low representation of women in political decision-making bodies registered in the last parliamentary and municipal elections, due...

Fight female circumcision in Mali


The project is to bring women of the rural town of Dialakoroba in Kati to understand the harm and consequences of female circumcision in the medium and long term through a series of meetings with information and education. The project will be based on a dynamic partnership approach and focus on...

Increased representation of women in policy-making bodies in Bamako District, Mali


This project is part of a greater awareness program for women to have greater representation in decision-making bodies, in two municipalities in the district of Bamako, Mali. In the last parliamentary and municipal elections, there was a low representation of women in political decision-making...

Economic Empowerment of Indigenous Marginalized Women Groups and Mixed Farming Groups, Cameroon


Non Timber Forest Products had been one of the main products in Ngoketunjia division in the early days that provided house hold incomes use for sponsoring most children to schools and Universities. The past four years the community has had problems in the market due to the unsustainable harvesting,...

Improve Health Conditions in Coastal and Tribal Villages, India


Our project is concentrated to 250 costal and tribal villages of East Godavari, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam Districts. The major source of livelihood of the people in the districts is hunting, fishing and allied activities. The districts tribal people are also known for its backwardness in...

Market Gardening as Poverty Alleviation for Women, Mali


Given the gravity of poverty, which has become daily experience of people and the negative impact on the well-being of individuals and families, women and children in general are the most vulnerable segments of the population. Based on these different realities, a national strategy against poverty...

Malaria Prevention and Control, Ghana


Malaria is a major public health problem in Ghana. It is a major cause of poverty also a significant reason for the low productivity in the country. The disease accounts for over 38% of all outpatient attendance and 21% of under-five mortality. Children under-five and pregnant women are the groups...

Human Rights Awareness Project, Uganda


The proposed project is a human rights awareness project in the Kalungu district. The general situation shows that there is a wide scope of ignorance about human rights amongst people. Human rights activities such as seminars, workshops formation of human rights awareness groups and distribution...