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Blythswood and Birchwood: Saving lives in Serbia

“They were screaming in terror, badly cut, bruised and in shock. The inside of the car was full of freezing water ….”

Underwear for Eastern Europe: A Global Hand match story

It made no sense. The young widow, a trained teacher in Eastern Europe, had battled for years without employment. Natalka (not her real name) had three children to bring up. A colleague found her a job in a high school where she expected the widow to thrive.

An ounce of prevention: The case for Disaster Risk Management - Oct 2008

One dollar spent in disaster prevention, the experts tell us, is worth four dollars spent in disaster response. Business companies have to find the math compelling...

Trade, Aid or Traid? Getting it right with the private sector - May, 2008

We are regularly being asked to broaden Global Hand's services. While retaining our traditional 'matching' activity, many have enquired if Global Hand can support the wider engagement between for-profit and non-profit entities in today's landscape of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and...

More Donated Product On Global Hand - September, 2004

New developments underway! This is a longer news article than usual.

Global Hand Version Two - November, 2005

Global Hand extends its services.

Global Hand News - April, 2006

We are often asked what kind of activity we see on Global Hand. So we have drawn up a very brief overview which you, too, are welcome to use if it is helpful.