Global Hand Version Two - November, 2005

Global Hand extends its services.

Many of you have asked us whether Global Hand could extend its services.


NGOs have asked about the additional need for labour, freight and funding.

“I would like to take the medical equipment on offer, but I need experts to train the technicians at the clinic so they can use it…”

”I’d like to take educational equipment offered, but I need money to construct! Can I ask for both instead of just the product?”

“I’d like to ask for the goods, but I need to ask for freight as well…”


Service organisations and business companies have also asked about the extension of the services and in exactly the same areas. They want to find ways to link up with NGOs through offers of people, freight and funding.

“Our company wants to take on a project where we could provide help through our core competency services, together with product. How can we find an NGO that needs us?”    

“Our service group is having its annual fund-raising event. We are looking for a worthy project to support…and one for which our members can also volunteer.”

“Our freight company has excess capacity on certain routes. How can we offer these to NGOs?”

Never has this need to connect been greater. Following the tsunami, NGOs and business groups of all kinds saw the need for a greater way to link up. We have had ongoing conversations with a wide range of interested parties. 
Global Hand Two was already underway before this time, but the need for it has become more apparent than ever in recent months.

This news brings an invitation for you, our members, to look at a preview of the site and give us your impressions.

What is the difference between the two?

Global Hand Version One facilitates offers/requests for goods.

Global Hand Version Two will facilitate offers/requests for:

  • labour
  • freight
  • funding
  • goods, as before

Meanwhile, of course, Global Hand 2 will continue our other components: Standards of Best Practice, Library of information and the Global Hand Forum.


As we build this wider range of services, we would like to invite you to visit our drawing board. We would like you to look at the parts built thus far so we can incorporate as much of your feedback as possible in the final result.

Please send your comments to


By the way, this month sees us change the name of our news bulletin from “Ezine” to “Global Hand News”. “Ezine” proved a less familiar term to some of our constituents so we have opted for a more user-friendly alternative!