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1. Product

Right product, rightly placed with right outcomes is the very essence of this industry. This section has entries of two kinds. Where existing standards are of relevance to product, appropriate sections are excerpted (e.g. WHO, Sphere). Where we have found little by way of existing standards for...

Disaster Relief

A considerable body of research exists on disaster and relief recommendations. We are drawing upon these to extract those components that are in-kind specific.


Global Hand Standards introductory page You can also view this page in German. Diese Seite ist auch auf Deutsch verf├╝gbar.

Global Hand Principles

Global Hand, and its parent NGO, Crossroads Foundation, aims to ensure that aid given is good aid. You can find a range of standards, specific to sectors of the disaster and development spectrum, in our Standards, Guidelines and Toolkits section. A high level summary of Global Hand's standards...

3.6 Programme

Global Hand recommends InterAction's PVO Standards, summarised here, where applicable to these issues.