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Middle East

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Agility Logistics - Humanitarian & Emergency Logistics Program (HELP)


Agility Logistics (aka The Public Warehousing Company - K.S.E.) provides integrated global supply chain services to businesses, humanitarian organisations, and governments. Agility's services include supply chain solutions, warehousing and distribution, vendor managed inventory, freight forwarding...

African Development Bank (AFDB)


The African Development Bank, a financial institution sponsored by developed countries, was formed to combat poverty and to improve the lives of poor people of Africa. Its mission is to further economic and social developments through loans, investments, operations, and funds.

Joseph Project


The Joseph Project, a project of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, has 30 humanitarian aid centres throughout Israel and a 16,000 sq. foot (1,500 sq. metre) warehouse in the centre of the country. The Project imports containers from America and distributes aid to all sectors of the country,...

Human Appeal International (HAI)


Human Appeal International (HAI) works in the fields of charity and development. HAI specializes in social and educational development, health care, and emergency relief.

Sawaed Association for Relief and Development (SARD)


Sawaed Association for Relief and Development (SARD) is a charitable organization working in the Gaza Strip. The association focuses on marginalized areas which lie to the east of Gaza City. The population of these areas is approximately 200.000, most of whom are unemployed. SARD aims to serve...

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Iran


UNDP is the United Nations global development network, an organization advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. UNDP has been active in Iran since 1966 and has worked closely with the government and other development...

World Health Organization (WHO) - Morocco


The World Health Organization, the United Nations specialised agency for health was established in 1948. The organisation aims to coordinate international health activities and to help governments improve health services. In Morocco, WHO works with the government on a range of issues, focussing on...

Gaddafi International Foundation for Charity Associations


The Foundation, headquartered in Tripoli, Libya, encourages national participation and supports social organisations and associations by strengthening positive principles in society and elevating the human being as well as protecting his rights.

Al Salam International Hospital


Al Salam International Hospital (S.I.H.) is a modern medical and surgical facility in Kuwait. S.I.H. offers diverse nursing, clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic services, such as: diabetes, hypertension, obesity, maternal-child healthcare, allergy and dietetic service etc. The institution also...

Conseil National pour les Libert├ęs en Tunisie (CNLT)


Conseil National pour les Libert├ęs en Tunisie (CNLT) monitors and reports human rights violations.