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Middle East

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Alfajr Palestinian Youth Association


The Alfajr Palestinian Youth Association is a Palestinian NGO that works to integrate young people into civil society through programmes designed to promote the spirit of national belonging and develop self reliance. The Association also aims topromote trust, esteem and awareness of the way...

Al Swayni Sport Services & Events Organisation


Al Swayni Sport Services and Events Organisation is a for-profit sport services and events organization the licensed by government of the Sultanate of Oman. The organisation aims to develop, educate and raise the level of sport in Oman. The organisation holds the licenc for AGBA (Arabian Gulf...

Grupo Inzamac, S.L.


Grupo Inzamac (Inzamac Holdings) is a group of Spanish enterprises which provide consulting and technical services, including quality control, in the area of engineering and construction to companies world-wide. The company has branches in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal and Algeria.

Wynyard Group


Wynyard Group is a privately owned company that delivers solutions in over 90 countries in the essential operating areas of risk management, intelligence and investigations. The Group has joined with SISHA in June 2012 (not-for-profit organization that fights against the exploitation and...

H. Sheik Noor Ud Din & Sons Private Limited (HSNDS)


H. Sheik Noor Ud Din&Sons Private Limited (HSNDS) is a major tent manufacturer and supplier of emergency relief products. HSNDS is also an air, sea, and land freight forwarder and holds a network of warehouses within Asia.

Al Baddad International Group


Al Baddad International Group, a group of companies of Al Baddad Holding, provides aluminium mobile halls and tents, ranging from custom designed and built buildings to standardised modular structures.

Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company


Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company provides global mobile phone technology for relief operation teams, rural development committees, government-aided organisations, and community service teams.

Coyne Airways Limited


Coyne Airways Limited provides air freight service with a specialty toward cargo deliveries to remote and hazardeous destinations.

Gulf For Good


Gulf for Good is a charity which organizes exciting adventure challenges around the world inspiring people to do something unusual. Participants raise funds, which are then donated to handpicked charities in the region where the challenge is held. Gulf for Good has four main goals: - to bring...

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) - Gulf Area Office


The UNICEF Gulf Area Office (GAO) works with local communities and governments for the survival, development and protection of children and to uphold the Convention on the Rights of the Child. GAO's priorities are children's health, education, equality and protection, with HIV/AIDS, refugees,...