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Middle East

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Golden Security Ltd.


Golden Security is a multinational company with a manufacturing facility in Jordan and a design bureau in Germany. The company manufactures armoured vehicles.

Fondation du Sud Developpement et Solidarite


Fondation du Sud Developpement et Solidarite is a Moroccan NGO that works fo communities in difficult socio-economic situations. A current project provides kindergarten education for children, with more than 117 children, aged 3 to 6 enrolled in the organisation's preschool centres.

Galilee International Management Institute


The Galilee International Management Institute is a educational insstution in Israel offering programmes to reinforce capacity building in fields such as project management, crisis management, agriculture, and health. Programmes are offered in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian...

Revolutionary Youth of Tunisia


The Revolutionary Youth of Tunisia is a Tunisian NGO that aims to promote democracy and human rights. Members of the group visit rural areas and initiate projects aimed at preventing child abuse, racism, sexism, extremism and poverty alleviation.

International Associations and Organisations Federation (IAOF)


The International Associations and Organisations Federation (IAOF) is a non-profit federation that acts as an umbrella organsation for more than 460 organisations active in the areas of human rights and women's legal and social rights in the Middle-East.

Alwe'am Charitable Society


The Alwe'am Charitable Society is a Palestinian NGO working in the Gaza Strip. The Society supports families living in the Gaza Strip financially and morally, offering free social and health services, and promoting access to education and training. Alwe-am also works in agriculture and sport...

Kazuri 2000 Limited


The mission of Kazuri is to provide and sustain employment opportunities to the disadvantaged members of the Kenyan society. Kazuri began in 1975 as a tiny workshop experimenting with making handmade beads. It started with two Kenyan women and soon discovered that there were many other women in...

Education 4 All


Education 4 All is an initiative developed by a businessman in Dubai. Organisers collect tools for education for underprivileged children, promote gift articles and greeting cards made from children's art, promote recycle and reduce waste initiatives, promote free e-learning and network with NGOs,...

Middle East Council of Churches


Founded in 1974, the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) is an ecumenical fellowship of churches in other countries. MECC provides primary health and relief services, vocational training of youth, increased employment of women and youth, services to persons with special needs, basic...

Association Here and There for Development


The Association Here and There for Development is a Moroccan NGO that aims to foster the value of solidarity through humanitarian action and to strengthen the values of civil society through sustainable development. The Association promotes and coordinates educational, cultural, social, economic,...