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Total Healing World Outreach

Total Healing World Outreach is a UK-based Christian charity established to reach out to the community through counselling, drug prevention and empowerment programmes to prevent poverty. The organisation assists other charities with similar objectives and provides relatively cheap activity venues...

Aids Counselling Network Intiative

The Aids Counselling Network Intiative is an organisation in Uganda. The Network offers counselling and guidance services. education on food security, and access to education for orphans, people with disabilities and women.

Vision of Community Fellowship (VOCF)

Vision of Community Fellowship (VOCF) is an American NGO that describes itself as a movement of new people, new leaders, and new communities. Services provided by the organisation include training, mentoring, and linking donors with grass-roots projects.

Acholi Community Empowerment Initiative Limited (ACEIL)

Acholi Community Empowerment Initiative Limited (ACEIL) is a legally registered company limited by guarantee. ACEIL owns Acholi Broadcasting Service (ABS FM) which is being established in Gulu. The main objective of the company is to empower the community in northern Uganda who are recovering from...

Integrated Community Voluntary Development Program of Kenya

Integrated Community Voluntary Development Program of Kenya [ICVDK] is a Kenyan NGO. The organisation aims to empower the community through volunteer placements both locally and internationally to help build capacity for community based projects.

Mtwara People's Umbrella Organization (KIMWAM)

Mtwara People's Umbrella Organization (KIMWAM) is a Tanzanian NGO. The organisation brings together grass roots groups involved in integrated development activities including agriculture, small scale fishing, environmental management and small businesses.

New Meaning Foundation

The New Meaning Foundation is an organisation that provides advice and expertise to schools, local government and a range of organisations in regard to setting up social enterprises, sourcing investment and political support.

Resound Orlando, Inc.

Resound Orlando, Inc. is a community resource centre in Florida, USA, that provides job placements; English classes; feeding programmes; parenting resources and classes; an adoption programmel; and counselling (premarital, couple, individual, drugs, and other addictions). Resound Orlando is also...

PRERNA (Programme in Research Emancipation and Resurgence for Advancement)

PRERNA (Programme in Research Emancipation and Resurgence for Advancement)is an Indian NGO that aims to transform rural communities, inspiring them to tackle poverty by revitalizing each area of their lives. The organisation provides non-formal education for children and adults in rural...

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The "Cocoa Plan" between Nestlé and cocoa farmers

Nestlé is guided by the principle of creating shared value for shareholders and society in a manner that is integrally linked to its core business strategies and operations. It is called "Creating Shared Value (CSV)"; value created for shareholders, employees, farmers, consumers and the communities...

Macrocosm Corporation

Macrocosm Corporation is a global electronics and technology company specializing in software development and integration with radio frequency identification systems, consumer electronics innovations, diverse study design, educational implementations and design , and solar energy innovations. ...

Kironde Health and Education Fund

The Kironde Health and Education Fund is an American NGO that supports organisations working with children and families. Currently, the Fund is supporting 86 families in Uganda that take in and nurture orphaned and vulnerable children. Support is mainly in the area of health and access to...

Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca Nazarene University is a private university in Nashville, Tennessee, affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene. The University has approximately 2500 students, over half of whom are in graduate degree programmes.

Rotary Club of Wickford

Rotary is a worldwide organisation of business and professional leaders that provides humanitarian service, encourages high ethical standards in all vocations, and helps build goodwill and peace in the world. The Rotary Club of Wickford is working in conjunction with Hope and Aid Direct to...

Young Educated Safe and Skilled (YESS)

Young Educated Safe and Skilled (Y.E.S.S) is an indigenous multi-dimensional volunteer based development organisation in Uganda. The organisation aims to empower young people physically and psychologically through skills development projects and education.

Umoja Operation Compassion Society

Umoja Compassion Society of British Columbia is a Canadian NGO established to work with low income immigrants living in the lower mainland of British Columbia. The society seeks to promote unity, respect and dignity among minority immigrants and refugees. Umoja provides a variety of culturally...

Anglican Development Services of Mt. Kenya East

Anglican Development Services of Mt. Kenya East (ADSMKE) is the development arm of the Anglican Church of Kenya. The organisation sponsors programmes in the following areas: sustainable food production and security; environmental conservation; community-based health care; water and sanitation;...

build a new

build a new life .org is a UK-based NGO established with a view to bridging the gap between items going to waste in the UK whilst being sought after in many countries around the world. The organisation collects donated quality surplus building materials, clothes, toys, food and education material...

Bead Nana

Bead Nana is a mobile arts and crafts centre, a social entreprise made up of art ethusiasts whose goals are to bring meaningful arts experiences to children and women in Ghana, to lay the groundwork for children and women to be creative problem solvers through arts, and to nurture the developmental...

Got Books Inc

Got Books, Inc is an American NGO that collects books from individuals at their home or office and from donation containers. In addition, Got Books donation containers are used by non-profit groups as a free fundraising programme. Got Books aims to find new uses for used books and is dedicated to...