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Funding needed for education of the teenage pregnancies problem in Teso, Uganda

The project idea is focusing to help the young girls still in school, but are threatened to drop out of school. The major issues the project is trying to address is the high teenage pregnancy rate which stands at 24.6 per cent. It is a result of harmful attitudes and practices like early/forced...

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Funding for our Disaster Preparedness Training for Secondary School in Kenya

In Kenya, there has been increasing losses on population growth, as a result of which the impacts are now felt to a larger extent among the youths. Young people are the most important resources in a country as they have the strength to build the nation. However the vulnerable to the disasters are...

Mission Harvest America Inc

Mission Harvest America Inc (MHA) provides global disaster and humanitarian aid donations of materials for free distribution only. In response to the Haiti earthquake, MHA sent over 260 containers of relief goods. 5 semi-truck loads were sent to the northern states in response to Hurricane Sandy...


Tostan is an American NGO working with rural and remote communities in eight African countries. Tostan’s three year nonformal education programme, the Community Empowerment Programme (CEP), provides participants with knowledge and skills in human rights, health and hygiene, literacy, maths,...

Western Uganda Health Improvement Programme

The Western Uganda Health Improvement Programme is a strong, committed and sustainable network which collaborates with organizations to combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB and improve on the health standards of the public in the Ruwenzori Region.

Yayasan Talkis (Talkis Foundation)

Yayasan Talkis (Talkis Foundation) is an Indonesian NGO that provides health education and services.

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Growing capacity - reshaping the lives of oppressed families in the slums of India Verified non-profit organisation

Eddie and his team are encouraging, educating and empowering oppressed women who are now developing their own savings and micro-finance institutions, transforming their families and building productive futures. You will be amazed as your simple gifts of time release potential and grow incredible...

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Networking, Financial and Informational support for Awareness campaign about Urban Migration in Zimbabwe

Chiyubunuzyo Arts & Culture Promotion (CACP) wants to help the community in Gokwe North Rural District in Zimbabwe. The target groups to benefit are the artists, women, youth, disadvantaged people and management committee members who will manage and implement our programs. Gokwe North Rural...

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Seeking Partnership to give health education and skills training to the female youth in Uganda

We are a community based female youth organization focusing on the living conditions of the female youth and young mothers. The issue we are trying to address is that many of them did not get chance to go further in education and got early pregnancies because of lack of health education, among...

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Funding for Environment Protection Project in Uganda

My major focus at the moment is the community of Kakooge, in Nakasongola District, Uganda. Specially the youth between the ages of 16 -25 and the women. The major issues am trying to address include: - Poverty eradication - Climate change - Environmental protection - Agricultural...

Tangible Tour and Travel

Tangible Tour and Travel is an Ethiopian travel agency that offers tours promoting the country's world heritage sites. The company encourages tourists to participate in eco-friendly activities.

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Funding and Goods for Education to Orphans and Adults in Kenya

The Hillary Mainga Foundation mainly operates in the rural areas of the Busia and Bungoma counties in Kenya. For our current project, we hope to benefit mainly orphans, vulnerable children and adults. Our aim is to provide everybody, children and adults alike, the chance to receive quality...

Volunteer Youth Doctor Association

The Volunteer Youth Doctor Association is a Cambodian NGO that aims to provide free health and dental care to people in need. The Association, comprised of doctors and medical students in Phnom Penh, hopes to raise sufficient funds in the next three years to acquire a building to serve as a centre...

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Helping Smallholder Coffee Growing Cooperative Societies Get into Coffee Certification through the Quality Management System (QMS) in Kenya

This project targets smallholder coffee growing cooperative societies comprising of small scale coffee farmers. Studies indicate that the world is quickly shifting towards sustainable farming because of: 1) Climate change concerns 2) Safeguarding consumers health and wellbeing Consequently...

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Skills Training for the Hard of Hearing Youths in the Bundibugyo District, Uganda

Uganda National Association of Hard of Hearing (UNAHOH) is a community based institution which carries out its activities of offering training services to disabled people, mostly to the hard of hearing people by offering services like: business skill training, skills in tailoring and designing,...

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Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancies and STDs in Zambia

As a youth led youth focused organisation, we are concerned with the increase in percentage of adolescent especially girls practicing behaviors that continue to increase their risk of HIV infection. Our report shows that there are wide misconceptions on pregnancy, with 47.7% of male youths...

Victory Children's Homes International Foundation

Victory Children's Homes International FoundationNon is a Canadian NGO that operates childrens homes in third world countries.

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Sustainable Economic Growth for Muslim Minorities in the Mewat Region, India

We are trying to help the following oppressed, exploited and downtrodden people living in Mewat one of the most economically backward regions of Haryana, INDIA: The Mewat region is a region of Haryana state in India and located at southern edge of Haryana, situated in the National Capital Region...

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Provision of food, clean water, classroom construction and teachers' salaries in Uganda

COBIC-R wants to help children from the Bwera Junior School in Uganda which is in deplorable conditions. Bwera Junior School is located in Mpondwe Lhburiha town council in Uganda near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. A number of refugees have been arriving to Uganda from Congo...

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Funding, Equipment and Volunteers Needed for Training Disadvantaged Uganda Women

This project is meant to address the needs of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged women and girls in rural and sub-urban communities in Uganda. The project is to be implemented by the Africa Intercultural Development Support Trust (AIDEST), a non-profit and community based organization. The...