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Yayasan Talkis (Talkis Foundation)

Yayasan Talkis (Talkis Foundation) is an Indonesian NGO that provides health education and services.

Tangible Tour and Travel

Tangible Tour and Travel is an Ethiopian travel agency that offers tours promoting the country's world heritage sites. The company encourages tourists to participate in eco-friendly activities.

Volunteer Youth Doctor Association

The Volunteer Youth Doctor Association is a Cambodian NGO that aims to provide free health and dental care to people in need. The Association, comprised of doctors and medical students in Phnom Penh, hopes to raise sufficient funds in the next three years to acquire a building to serve as a centre...

Victory Children's Homes International Foundation

Victory Children's Homes International FoundationNon is a Canadian NGO that operates childrens homes in third world countries.

Amar Jyoti Bal Vikas Sansthan

Amar Jyoti Bal Vikas Sansthan is a school in Lal Tappar, North India. The school offers free education and support to children from the slums of this area. Currently, 75 children between the ages of 3 and 15 attend the school.

Insta-pumps Engineering Ltd

Insta-pumps Engineering Ltd is a private company in Kenya that supplies equipment for drilling and water installations. The company now works with a South African based organisation involved in drilling and water supply.

Camp Sonshine Center Foundation, Inc

The Camp Sonshine Center is a Christian ministry based in Iloilo City, Philippines. It reaches out to the street children of the city, offering them an after-school programme, summer camp experiences, and other aid. The Sonshine Center is an extension of Camp Sonshine of Silver Spring, Maryland,...

Samusocial din Romania

Samusocial Romania is the only Romanian NGO providing direct social and medical assistance in the streets to over 5,000 homeless people living in the streets of Bucharest. The organisation is a member of the International Samusocial network of organizations, that aims to reduce the number of people...

Orheiul Vechi (Association for People with Disabilities)

Orheiul Vechi (Asssociation for People with Disabilities) is an NGO in Moldova. The Association provides aid to all classes of disabled people throughout the country with the help of sponsors abroad. The Association holds weekly charity auctions from its storerooms at a nearby monastery where...

Sudarshan Extrusion Pvt. Ltd

Sudarshan Extrusions Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company that manufactures column pipes. The company has installed pipes in more than half a million bored wells.

Wisdom Fountain Ministries

This is a faith-based organisation in South Africa, Zeerust, that is involved in local community projects, including helping the needy in rural areas with food and clothing, giving support to aids victims and youth programmes. They are planning to implement a supply center for the rural areas in...

Response Generosity to Children Tanzania (R.G.C.T)

Response Generosity to Children Tanzania (R.G.C.T) is the non- governmental and non- profitable organization registered as an NGO. Its mission is to serve the leprosy children, orphans living with HIV/AIDS and disabled children living with HIV/AIDS (blind, deaf and handicapped). It provides ARV and...

Divya Jyothi Charitable Trust

Divya Jyothi Charitable Trust is an Indian NGO that works for people with visual impairment. The Trust's aim is to provide high quality welfare, support and accommodation services to visually impaired people to promote their independence, dignity and quality of life.

Watsan Training and Development Center

Watsan Training and Development Center is a registered training and development organisation offering practical training on water and sanitation technologies in Kenya and neighbouring countries. The Centre provides training programmes aimed at grooming water and sanitation professionals and...

Aim for Restoration of Hope (AROH) Uganda

Aim for Restoration of Hope is an NGO in Uganda. The organisation aims to promote the response of people to the needs of orphans and widows and to mitigate through spiritual, health, and socio-economic assistance the needs of children who have been orphaned as result of HIV/AIDS. AROH supports...

Partners For Productivity Foundation ( PFPF)

The Partners For Productivity Foundation (PFPF) is an NGO in Cameroon. The Foundation works on conservation and development issues. PFPF aims to sensitize and work with rural communities in their self-help activities by taking into consideration relevant socio-cultural and ecological aspects to...

Hope Multipurpose Incorporated (HMI)

Hope Multipurpose Incorporated (HMI) is an American charity based in St. Paul, Minnesota, and an NGO in Uganda. HMI sponsors an orphanage, the Blue House, in Uganda. The orphans and vulnerable children, currently all girls, live in a safe family-like home with nutritious food, clothing, health...

ArtEst (polyestetické vzdelávanie znevýhodnenej mládeže)

ArtEst (polyestetické vzdelávanie znevýhodnenej mládeže) is a Slovakian NGO that works primarily with mentally handicapped young people. The organisation operates as an art school and day centre, and runs a professional integrated social theatre. ArtEst also works with several other marginalised...

Holy Cross Primary School

The Holy Cross Primary School is a school in Kenya sponsored by the Sisters of Mary Kakmega, an order of Catholic nuns. The school serves boys and girls between 7 and 15, with a current enrollment of 1000. 45% of the pupils are HIV/AIDS orphans. The Sisters of Mary are currently involved in...

Masud Parves Library

Masud Parves Library is an information centre in Bangladesh that provides students with educational materials and aims to contribute to achieving sustainable economic growth.