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Global poverty plans demand business engagement for success


A news article which reports that the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) warns that the UN targets set to reduce global poverty, such as the UN Millennium Development Goals, will fail unless businesses becomes more engaged in the fight against poverty.

Why Lawyers Give Back; A window into drivers and barriers of lawyers’ engagement in pro bono work


What can law firms do to encourage more attorneys to take up pro bono matters? A survey of small and large law attorneys suggests that, even as firms adopt a more systematic approach to pro bono with an eye toward professional development, recruiting and other business drivers, it is worthwhile to...

World Health Organisation (WHO) Model List of Essential Medicines


The WHO Model List of Essential Medicines is a list of the minimum medicine needs for a basic health care system. The list has been updated every two years since 1977. The current version, the 17th list, dates from March 2011. It contains over 350 medicines.

Green Works: recycling office furniture


Green Works, a social enterprise based in the UK, collects unwanted office furniture from big companies like Marks & Spencer and recycles it to sell at a discount from one of six London warehouses to schools, colleges, charities, housing associations and small businesses. The firm recently won a...

Sports Volunteering in England 2002


This report, published in July 2003 by Sport England, builds on the base established by the Sports Council in 1995 with the publication of Valuing Volunteers in UK Sport (Sports Council 1996). The 1996 study was the first comprehensive investigation of the scale and value of volunteering in UK...

How Can My Company Help? - A Guide for Country Managers in Responding to Natural Disasters


How Can My Company Help? - A Guide for Country Managers in Responding to Natural Disasters is intended to help companies prepare for a local corporate response to crises in their country or region. The guide includes information on building partnerships with relief agencies, assessing on-the-ground...

Pfizer Global Health Fellows: Expanding Access to Healthcare Through Cross-Sector Partnerships


Pfizer Global Health Fellows: Expanding Access to Healthcare Through Cross-Sector Partnerships, a case study, evaluates the response of Pfizer Inc. to the HIV/AIDs endemic. It focuses on the efforts of the its Fellows Program to support HIV/AIDS service NGOs in developing countries. In this...

Business UNusual


Business UNusual, a collaborative publication of the United Nations Global Compact Office and the Global Public Policy Institute, provides an overview of recent partnership activities in the United Nations, as well as the challenges the UN faces in its efforts to engage the private sector and...

Doing Business with the World: The New Role of Corporate Leadership in Global Development


Doing Business with the World, a publication of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), describes how companies can contribute to global sustainable development through their core businesses in a way that is profitable for the companies and good for development.

Corporate Volunteer Reporting Standards v2.0


Corporate Volunteer Reporting Standards v2.0 are used for reporting the activities of a company’s employee volunteer program. Standards relate to areas such as volunteer activities, employee volunteers, volunteer hours and dollar value of volunteer hours.