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Business and the millennium development goals: a framework for action

This report provides a framework for action on how companies and business coalitions can work with the UN system, governments, and civil society organisations to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), aimed at making globalisation a more positive force for more of the world's people.

Orientation Handbook on Complex Emergencies

Orientation Handbook on Complex Emergencies, published by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), provides an understanding of OCHA's role in the coordination of response to complex emergencies (primarily man-made), explain its relation to the rest of the humanitarian...

FLOW: Field Level Operations Watch

FLOW, Field Level Operations Watch is an online system developed by Water for People that helps communities, members, partners, volunteers and others to monitor and evaluate the progress of water installation projects and thus to reduce development time and improve success. Using Android cell...

Medical Missions Programme - University of Notre Dame

Medical Missions Programme - University of Notre Dame web site provides information on volunteering with independently-sponsored domestic and international medical missions.

HKCSS-HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre

The Social Enterprise Business Centre is a website run by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service promoting social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

Linking Business with Pro-Poor Development

Linking Business with Pro-Poor Development explores two key questions, How can business be pro-poor? and How can such partnerships be made sustainable? The document showcases how an innovative private-community partnership transformed the livelihoods of highly vulnerable families in far flung...

The Global Social Venture Competition

The Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) is the largest and oldest student-led business plan competition providing mentoring, exposure, and prizes for social ventures from around the world. The competition aims to catalyse the creation of social ventures, educate future leaders and build...

Partnership for disaster response

Partnership for Disaster Response aims to bring together the many resources and capabilities of the private sector to enhance and accelerate on-the-ground relief and recovery following major natural disasters in the United States and abroad.

The A to Z of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Complete Reference Guide to Concepts, Codes and Organisations

The A to Z of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Complete Reference Guide to Concepts, Codes and Organisations is the world’s first complete reference on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), compiled by the Institute for Corporate Cultural Affairs. The entries have been written by leading...

Making Agricultural Trade Reform Work for the Poor

Making Agricultural Trade Reform Work for the Poor, a position paper of the International Food&Agricultural Trade Policy Council (IPC), brings together what is known about the link between agricultural trade reform and poverty alleviation, and about how developing countries can successfully...

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is an international development federation which provides skilled volunteers to advise and train local individuals within developing countries.

Volunteer Medical Services Abroad

Volunteer Medical Services Abroad is a searchable website index of US-based volunteer organisations that provide all types of medical services in underdeveloped countries. Programs needing help range from large well-known international agencies to small groups of a few individuals who assist one or...


The MicroLINKS page provides links to websites that offer internship opportunities with organisations working in microenterprise.

Mongolia Actions: Links Related to Mongolian Development

The mission of Mongolia Actions is the conception, realisation and promotion of developmental projects in Mongolia, notably those which are humanitarian, cultural, social, economic and educational in nature. The "our links" page of its website is a database of institutions, NGOs, associations and...

Trade and Poverty: Is There a Connection?

Trade and Poverty: Is There a Connection?, a research based article produced for the World Trade Organisation, discusses if there is a connection between trade and poverty. Openness and trade liberalisation are now seen by many as key components of the national policy policy required for economic...

Drug & Medical Supplies Donation Guidelines

Drug&Medical Supplies Donation Guidelines site provides information on good drug and medical supplies donation practices, and for the safe disposal of unwanted drugs.

Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS)

Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) provides near real-time alerts about natural and technological disasters around the world and tools to facilitate relief coordination, including news, maps and the Virtual On-Site Operations Coordination Center. Disaster profiles include...