Orheiul Vechi (Association for People with Disabilities)

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Orheiul Vechi (Asssociation for People with Disabilities) is an NGO in Moldova. The Association provides aid to all classes of disabled people throughout the country with the help of sponsors abroad. The Association holds weekly charity auctions from its storerooms at a nearby monastery where aid in the form of clothes, shoes, medicines and other items are distributed and also distributes aid twice weekly from its own premises.



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Here is the list of goods, which were offered to people since 2007-2011 1.invalid wheelcratches 53p 2.invalid sticks 36p 3.wardrobes 63p 4.tables 69p 5.doors 24p 6.cratches 16p 7.operation surgeon table 1p 8.unitases 3p 9.washing tables 11p 10.matrases 126p 11.shelves 12p 12.tumbs 6p 13.medical beds 72p 14.chairs 223p 15.dishes 497p 16.armchairs 12p 17.night lamps 38p 18.cups 111p 19.mirrors 24p 20.ingalator 1p 21.pampers 11boxes 22.USI 2p 23.ECG 1p 24.diathermical apparatus 1p 25.output display monitor 1p 26.surgeon lamp 1p 27.fireplaces 1p 28.washing-up machine 1p 29clothes of humanitarian aid 130 tones=129 352 kg 30.medicaments,glasses and other things. All these things were distribute according the appeals from all the republic of Moldova, which were subscribed and printed by the both parts of our organization and other person. THE PRESIDENT OF ASSOCIATION’’ORHEIUL VECHI’’ Sergiu Trebis

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