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900 talking books in English


We would like to donate 900 talking book edition in English. It was created in recognition of the needs of orphans all around the world regardless of their nationality, religion or identity. You can see the additional information below

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214 hoodies new school uniform


We have a total of 214 hoodies in green, purple, red and blue a picture of which is here. The stock of the school uniform is new and needed to be picked up from Swaffham as soon as possible. You will need a van to pick them up.



Texenergy's mission is to design, develop and manufacture the very best portable power generating and power storage products to keep technology working whilst off-grid. Texenergy is committed to exploring new ways of supporting humanitarian aid and keeping people safe and connected through...

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100,000 cans of drinking water


Our NGO, DROP4DROP, is a water charity dedicated to alleviating the World Water Crisis. We build water projects for communities in need around the globe and provide bottled water for homeless people in the UK. We have come into possession of 100,000 330ml cans of drinking water and are looking for...

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Small stock of used school uniforms


A primary school would like to offer a small quantity of school uniforms (sweatshirts, polo shirts, dresses, cardigans and similar) that have been used but are still in good condition. The logo of the school is represented on them. (See photos.)

Organization of The future of All for Relief, Development and Construction


Organization of The Future of All for Relief, Development and Construction is a Dutch organization that offers help worldwide in various sectors such as: Relief, Construction, Education, Health, Development and Refugee aid. The Organization is located in The Hague in the Netherlands under the...

International Development Partnerships Verified non-profit organisation


International Development Partnerships (IDP) is a UK-registered NGO working with some of the poorest communities in rural Ethiopia, providing them with the basic services they need to help them fight poverty. IDP aims to provide affordable health care, a clean and reliable water supply, hygienic...

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Building materials available in London Verified non-profit organisation


Chain-link fencing; Wooden floorboards (both laminated and solid wood); Full sheets and cut planks of wood (mostly MDF); High Density fibreboard sheets; Floor tiles (both indoor and outdoor); Stone paving slabs; Concrete paving slabs.

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Office desks and tables Verified non-profit organisation


Various office desks and tables available for collection in London.

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Office seating Verified non-profit organisation


Office chairs, operators chairs, meeting room chairs, reception chairs and occasional chairs available for collection in West London. All items are USED.