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Small & Medium Enterprise Developers (SMED)


Small&Medium Enterprise Developers (SMED) is committed to the development of Small&Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Sri Lanka. SMEs can obtain the latest global information on business, finance, competition or on any other economic indicator through the SMED website. The site aims to be a common ground...

Arche noVa - Initative for people in need


arche noVa - initiative for people in need is a non-profit NGO working primarily in the fields of humanitarian aid, development cooperation and education. Regardless of the victims' ethnicity and ideology Arche noVa supports all those who suffer as a result of war, suppression and natural...

International Organization of Employers (IOE)


The mission of the International Organization of Employers (IOE) is to promote and defend the interests of employers in international networks, particularly in the International Labour Organization (ILO), and to this end works to ensure that international labour and social policy promotes the...



ACCION International is a non-profit that fights poverty through micro lending. It provides microcredit and training to micro enterprise entrepreneurs. ACCION also offers an internship programme that provides an opportunity to learn about microenterprise development.

Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF)


Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF), an international fund company, aims to encourage entrepreneurs in emerging markets and help sustain the new economy. SEAF invests in small and medium size businesses that are unable to obtain long-term equity due to their size or location and provide...

Opportunity International (OI)


Opportunity International (OI) is an international non-profit organisation, using micro-enterprise development and providing small business loans. Opportunity is committed to solving the root cause of poverty instead of merely treating its symptoms; through providing micro-credit and basic training...

American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA)


The American Near East Refugee Aid, ANERA, is an American NGO. Initially ANERA sought to help the hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians by providing emergency relief. ANERA now also addresses the long-term economic and social needs of Palestinians, Lebanese and Jordanians through its...

CHF International / Azerbaijan


CHF International / Azerbaijan, a country office of CHF International, focuses upon micro-enterprise and community development, and promotes the integration of internally displaced persons back into society. The organisation also works with local communities and governments to develop grassroots...

Women's Opportunity Network (WON)


Women's Opportunity Network, a sub-section of Opportunity International, focuses its resources primarily upon providing microfinance services to women in underdeveloped areas. The organisation operates through local partner organisations to provide microcredit - small loans, training and counsel,...

Five Talents International


Five Talents International is committed to combating poverty in the developing world by equipping the poor with small business training and microfinance programmes. The majority of businesses are in food production and sales, street vendors, brick manufacturing, shoe making, carpentry, auto repair,...