American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA)

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The American Near East Refugee Aid, ANERA, is an American NGO. Initially ANERA sought to help the hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians by providing emergency relief. ANERA now also addresses the long-term economic and social needs of Palestinians, Lebanese and Jordanians through its health care, education and job creation programs by working closely with local institutions, such as schools, universities, health facilities, cooperatives, municipalities, grassroots communities, and charitable associations. ANERA is funded by individual donors and grants from public and private institutions. Through both large-scale projects like building reservoirs and smaller projects like installing water tanks on the tops of homes, ANERA helps to build new schools, offer after-school programs, train preschool teachers and principals, teach information technology, and support music education. ANERA also offers community assistance in the form of infrastructure projects and job training programs to help people become entrepreneurs with access to small business loans and job opportunities.


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