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HOMELINK LIFE CENTRE is non profit non denominational faith based organisation whose:-To integrate sustainable community growth and development by underlying strategies in leakage to community’s problems and needs by resource creation, mobilization, utilization and management by getting involved with prospective Donors, well wishers NGOs, state agencies among other organizations supporting community based projects.

To promote and advocate for sustainable community growth and development in the community.

To create, provide, promote, coordinate and integrate sound sustainable community’s spiritual, social, economic growth, empowerment and development in spiritual,social and economic activities, in management, physical growth, capacity building and awareness creation on all surrounding.

To be actively involved to enhance and strengthen the close relationship between, , Education, Religion and socialism in Poverty Reduction,economic empowerment,job creation,utilization of both human and capital resources, Environmental conservation and degradation, health and health associated problems HIV/AIDS, malaria , T.B, waterborne diseases , adult education, youth training and counseling among other community needs by:-
(a) Promoting initiatives that integrate sound and sustainable community growth and development, socially, spiritually, physically and economically.
(b) Supporting community driven initiatives that reduced poverty and increase socialism activities, Health and related problems, environmental conservation and degradation self-reliance and employment opportunities
© Developing capacities of stakeholders to appropriate education technology by exposing their interpersonal/personal skills, talents, experiences for job markets and for community growth and development.
(d) Coordinating of community initiatives that reduce poverty, HIV AIDS, crime, hunger, interdependence conflicts threats to the individuals, families, community’s, Health education social services, responsibility, accountability resource mobilization and utilization to reduces community’s problems and needs.
(e) Creation and motivation of both internal and external forces (human labour) in our activities and area of participations



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Less than 500,000

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we are not affiliated to any orgnisation or ministry or NGO IN KENYA ,AFRICA OR INTERNATIONALLY but this organisation;s birth is from a group of pastors fellowship of 30 members from various pentacostral churches in kenya

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Advocacy of global issues; Project funding; Provision of goods

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Africa: Kenya

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