Nigeria Association of Commercial Commuters (NACC-Nigeria)

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The Nigerian Association of Commercial Commuters (NACC-Nig) was established in July, 2014. The organization recently gained recognition and granted a Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations Organization as a non-governmental organization. The Association has its temporal office headquarters in Lokoja, Kogi state, and has her chapter office representatives in almost all the 36 States of the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT),Ngeria.
The Association was formed to be a voice for Commuters (i.e. Passengers) traveling by any means ( air, water and Land) of transport all over Nigeria .In pursuing and delivering on these selfless services, the association is poised in making sure Comfort, Safety, Protection And Affordable transport are provided to commuters traveling across the country.

Objectives and Mandate

 Employment and wealth creation for nation building through its operations and activities in the country.
 To provide high quality information, advice, support, and services to members.
 To bring together public and private sector organizations and individuals with an interest, involvement or stake in achieving the Mission Statement and to seek a partnership with these bodies to promote common goals.
 To sensitize, develop and promote ideas and initiatives for the public in the areas of travel plans and planning.
 To promote members’ views and act as their voice to Government and other influential bodies (with an involvement or interest in commercial transportation).
 To support Government ideas and initiatives at all levels which are in accordance with the objectives of the association.
 To identify, promote and exchange examples of best practices of Travel Planning both National and international.
 To foster and undertake research into any aspect of the objectives of the association which is in the best interests of all its members.
 To provide and support opportunities for all those employed and create jobs in promoting commercial commuters and reducing the unemployment in country.
 To promote and encourage the establishment of similar organizations in Africa and throughout the world.


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Less than 500,000

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Advocacy of global issues; Project funding; Provision of services / personnel

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Africa: Nigeria

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