Pfizer's Global Health Fellows Programme - an established and comprehensive cross-border service initiative

Pfizer’s Global Health Fellows Program (GHF) is an international corporate volunteer program that places Pfizer colleagues in three to six month assignments with international development organizations designed to address global health issues and improve care for underserved populations.

The Pfizer Global Health Fellows program utilizes the professional expertise of Pfizer employees through specialized volunteer assignments with nonprofit organizations to improve health care services for underserved communities around the world. Since 2003, more than 300 employees with a range of technical skills have served in 40 nations for 3-6 month assignments investing nearly 200,000 hours of skills-based service to help increase the capacity of nonprofits organizations providing health care to the underserved (in the reporting period, 54 Global Health Fellows were deployed).

During assignments Fellows transfer their professional medical and business expertise in ways that promote access, quality and efficiency of health services. Many accomplishments related to efficiency included introducing standard operating procedures (SOPs), technological support including databases, and supply and financial tracking sheets, communications, and overall general systems strengthening; 75% of Fellows and 62% of partner organizations reported the contributions of the Fellowship improved the quality of services.

Accomplishments related to improved quality of services included the introduction of stronger data collection, monitoring, and evaluation tools and skills, the introduction of best practices in areas from laboratories to customer relations, a variety of trainings, and the introduction of SOPs; 53% of Fellows and 42% of partner organizations reported the contributions of the Fellowship resulted in service expansion. In 2012-13 the program will focus primarily on optimizing supply chains and scaling up health prevention programs in China, India, East Africa and Latin America.

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