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To provide quality non-profit making social welfare, educational and health care services for the benefit of the Hong Kong community and elsewhere and to promote evangelical Christian faith.

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Footwear in China (40' container) Verified non-profit organisation


A container of Skechers BOBS is available for pick up in China in May 2022. The donation is 26,316 pairs in a 40 foot container (731 cartons). They are sizes EU26-40. The donor prefers to hear from NGOs who would distribute in the Philippines or India. The receiving NGO needs to pay for all...



The Mission for Migrant Workers (MFMW Limited) is a registered charitable organisation in Hong Kong with a mission to support migrant workers in crisis and empower them to regain dignity. Established in 1981, MFMW is the longest existing independent service provider for migrant workers in Hong Kong...

Crossroads Foundation Verified non-profit organisation


Crossroads Foundation is a Hong Kong based, non-profit organisation serving global need. We believe that, in a broken world that sees too much suffering, we should do all we can to link those who are in need with those who can provide help. So we provide an intersection, literally a crossroads, to...

Muhibbah Food Bank Malaysia Society Verified non-profit organisation


Muhibbah Food Bank Malaysia Society mainly rescues foods, furniture, home appliance and channel to indulgence people, refugee, welfare centre and local community. The slogan is : Zero Wastage, Zero Hunger, Love Environment, Love Earth.

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Cotton re-usable masks for donation Verified non-profit organisation


A company has 1 million to 1.5 million cotton reusable face masks which are available for donation to NGOs in Hong Kong and around the world. The masks are currently located in Vietnam and China and the donor will consider expressions of interest from NGOs who have the capacity to receive and...

Third Planet Foundation


Third Planet Foundation is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) implementation organization registered as a Section 8 (not-for-profit) in the year 2012. The Foundation is working on diverse thematic areas aligned to Schedule VII, Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 guidelines. Third...

GAiN Korea


GAiN is a global network that connects people suffering from poverty and hunger to the living hope, starting with humanitarian relief activities for those suffering from severe economic difficulties due to the dissolution of the former Soviet Union in the 1990s, and 10 countries, including Korea,...

International Youth Council - Yemen (IYCY)


IYCY is a leading, independent and neutral non-governmental organization, working nationwide at different levels to promote equitable, inclusive, safe, resilient, sustainable development, deliver humanitarian assistances, and other relevant interventions for a better life and wellbeing of...

Food for the Hungry Verified non-profit organisation


Food for the Hungry is an international organization committed to working with the world's most vulnerable people to overcome hunger and poverty through integrated self-development programs in more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. These programs include agricultural training,...