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Large offer of Origins Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lotion available in Switzerland and Czech Republic. Verified non-profit organisation

A company would like to donate a large stock of in date Origins Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lotion. The goods are stored in Switzerland and Czech Republic though the donor is able to ship locally and internationally within EMEA. The goods are well in date (exp. Sept 24). THE GOODS MUST NOT UNDER...

11 bags of new clothes, blankets and towels for Turkey/Syria Verified non-profit organisation

A company would like to donate 11 large bags of brand new clothes, blankets and towels. The clothes include Jumpers, Trousers, Tracksuits, Dresses, Coats etc, for adults, children and even babies. Both Male and female. The goods would need to be collected in E14 6QD.

Plastic hospital gowns for donation

I have been offered 10,000 hospital gowns dated 06/22. They are surplus from the pandemic and are still in their original cartons. The gowns are long sleeved for complete protection. They would need to be picked up from Canterbury in Kent. Approximatly 140 boxes each containing 75 gowns.

Regular donation of used bathroom fittings, toilets, basins, shower valves in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A bathroom fitting company based in Edinburgh Scotland has second-hand professionally removed bathrooms and shower room suites. This donation would be ongoing with the frequency to be determined with the donor. The goods will include the following: bathroom fittings, toilets, basins, shower...

2 pallets (1920Liters) of HVO biofuel Diesel replacement available for donation. Verified non-profit organisation

The fuel works in any diesel engine, for example generators/tractors/plant machinery etc and can be transported safely and efficiently in two pallets of 48 20l fuel boxes. The pallets can be shipped by the donor anywhere in the UK for subsequent international shpping (later at the recipient's...

Second Hand clothing, sleeping bags, bedding, new nappies and toiletry available in Portsmouth, UK Verified non-profit organisation

A donor has a load of the following: 10 big bags of clothing, 80% second hand 20% brand new. 8 bags of new nappies 3 to 4 sleeping bags 3 duvets (all clean) A small bag of toiletries The goods need to be collected from the donor's address near Portsmouth, Po7 7TH.

20k units of Flare Relief emollient cream for donation in Kempston, Bedfordshire, UK. Verified non-profit organisation

A company would like to donate a large stock of skin flare relief cream to a charity. The company can ship within the UK. There are at least 20k units available, though quantity can be flexible. The expiry date ranges from June to August 2024. More details can be found here:...

Singe Pole Marquee available for collection in Boston, UK

The marquee is 3 metre by 6 metre, nearly new, divided up in 3 parcels (some heavy) given and needs to be picked up from near Boston UK.

Various medical and PPE goods available for donation in Chelmsford Essex.

we have various medical goods we can offer some of this is expired but not all we have PPE items including gloves,gowns,masks,sanitizer and various critical care respiratory and IV consumables we want to donate

Offer of Hand Sanitisers, soap and masks

Hi, I am Head of Buying at Well Pharmacy. We are the third largest pharmacy in the UK and I have approximately 100 pallets of the stock to offer. Please let me know if we can help.

Supply of PPE and other items for donation

I work for the Department for Health and Social in the UK. We are potentially able to supply items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other items such as rain suits to supply to Turkey and Northern Syria as part of the disaster relief effort following the earthquake on 6 February.

68 pallets of hand sanitizer gel available for donation in Portsmouth, UK Verified non-profit organisation

A company would like to donate 296 000 100ML bottles of hand sanitizing gel. The bottles are within expiry date (June/July 23). The donor cannot assist with transport, the recipient will need to collect from Portsmouth. They can collect a portion of the goods if easier.

Children face covering, Snoods, Children Covid care pack and sanitizer bottles available for donation in the UK. Verified non-profit organisation

A company would like to donate a collection of sanitary items including children and adult face coverings, Snoods, children Covid care packs, and sanitizer bottles. See attached document below for breakdown of available goods and quantities. The donor can assist with transport costs within the...

Business to offer provision of goods for sanitisation

We have a large volume of hand sanitiser stocks - both finished and unfinished products that we would like to donate.

Multiple use screen protection available for donation in Birmingham, UK. Verified non-profit organisation

A company would like to donate 300 sets of Covid protection screens for offices, they can be used as privacy screens in shelters (e.g for refugees). Each set contains two screens, one long and one short. There is an additional 100 long screens (total: 400 long + 300 short). The screens are made...

Water purification and desinfectant products for sale at discounted price.

We would like to partner to provide services without usual margins to assist in regards to the global effort for providing access to clean water ( water sanity ) via a patented product. The same applies with agriculture - please see information in our Sani section at Sani...

NHS Hospital assisting to buy medical supplies for Ukraine Verified non-profit organisation

A Hospital in Dartford would like to assist NGOs needing medical supplies by offering to buy the goods through their network. The NGOs would need to cover the cost but would benefit from the buyer's expertise and negotiated costs, teams of volunteers sorting and packing the goods, and the...

Company donating large quantity of sustainable hygiene kits for Ukraine Verified non-profit organisation

A UK company would like to partners with NGOs in Ukraine or in the neighbouring countries to donate large quantities of sustainable Hygiene kits containing: soap bar, shampoo and conditioner and Bamboo Comb.

Company donating essential goods to the Middle East

A company would like to organize a collection of essential goods to support and NGO working in Syria, Yemen or Palestine. They would like to colect the goods that are most needed there and need to partner with an NGO.