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NHS Hospital assisting to buy medical supplies for Ukraine

General information

Overall description

A Hospital in Dartford would like to assist NGOs needing medical supplies by offering to buy the goods through their network. The NGOs would need to cover the cost but would benefit from the buyer’s expertise and negotiated costs, teams of volunteers sorting and packing the goods, and the possibility to get specific loads packed together.


As soon as possible

Partnership types

Provision of goods

Further information

Goods details

Goods description

A wide range of medical supplies

Type(s) of goods

Medicine & health; Personal care products & luggage


Dartford, United Kingdom

Frequency (one-off or ongoing)

I will be offering these goods on an ongoing basis.

Cost of goods

There is a cost.


I can transport these goods (or cover cost of transport).


Expiry dates are not relevant to these goods.


These goods are new.

Organisation details

Organisation name

Global Hand

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  • Contact details exchanged
    27 Apr 2022 02:36 GMT

    Blessing Hands Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    Betty Cutts says: We have a donor who wants to give Ukraine aid, but our area of expertise is Southeast Asia. We would be interested in partnering with you to get this donation given to aid Ukraine. We are not sure how much the donor will give. We are exploring possibilities.

  • Contact details exchanged
    06 May 2022 11:57 GMT

    Stichting ORA Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    e merx says: we would like to come into contact with you, concerning your offer on medical supplies for Ukraine.

  • Commented
    21 Jun 2023 01:27 GMT

    Light And Life Mission
    Unverified non-profit organisation

    Ebontane Charles Sone says: It will be a pleasure to receive the donation to help our Community in need that has been suffering for the past 7 years now through the ear in the two English Speaking Regions of Cameroon where many still leave in bushes.
    Thanks for partnering with us to better the lives of our people
    Rev Sone Charles