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Child Safe Network is an international network which consists of local and international people, businesses and groups that protect children from abuse and prevent them from being placed in abusive situations, exploitation and trafficking.

Child Safe was created and is managed by Friends-International, which is an international association composed of an estimated 100 million street children worldwide, which believes that together we can build a world where no child or young person has to live or work on the streets. The ‘Child Safe’ project builds a network of key people to protect the children.

Child Safe is a proactive child-protection network involving key members of society (taxi/moto-drivers, the personnel of hotels and guesthouses, the personnel of restaurants, the personnel of internet cafés etc.), protecting children from all forms of abuse and preventing child exploitation and trafficking. The organisation utilizes key members, so-called facilitators, that can track child abuse and therefore are in the positon to fight it most effectively.

These people are trained to recognize children who may be in dangerous situations and can take appropriate action to prevent it. Specific information as well as individual and adapted training on behaviours towards children and child protection are delivered to all of these ʺfacilitatorsʺ, and after testing they receive an official diploma.

Friends-International works with several carefully selected partner organizations from the Friends Alliance and CYTI Network that implement the Child Safe program in different areas. Their partners select, train and monitor Child Safe network partners in their geographical area and they are the main referral organization as they are offering direct programs to street children.


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