Fairtrade Cadbury Dairy Milk goes global as Canada, Australia and New Zealand take Fairtrade further into mainstream

Cadbury extended its commitment to Fairtrade by confirming that three more markets had recieved Fairtrade certification for the flagship Cadbury Dairy Milk brand in 2010. This move in Canada, Australia and New Zealand brought the independent Fairtrade Mark into millions more homes in five of Cadbury’s key chocolate markets.

Cadbury’s partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation in Britain and Ireland – which saw Fairtrade Cadbury Dairy Milk bars coming off shelves in July – has already resulted in £500,000 transferred to Ghana, the first installment of the Fairtrade social premium. This is part of Cadbury’s overall investment into cocoa sustainability though the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership.The Fairtrade partnership with Cadbury Australia and New Zealand will also result in Fairtrade certified bars being available in Japan.

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