Tupperware Suisse SA Acts to Helps Children Grow up with Respect for their Physical Integrity.

Tupperware Switzerland SA supports Terre Des Hommes’(Tdh) projects by being active on behalf of those children who should have the right to grow up with respect for their physical integrity.

Tupperware has been supporting Tdh’s projects in Madagascar since 2006. 2300 Tupperware consultants throughout Switzerland decided to forego some benefits to finance a project for children of Madagascar and 56000 Swiss francs were released.

Tupperware effected a new partnership in 2007 with Tdh to support their program of Specialized Health Treatment in Switzerland. For this particular partnership, Tupperware Suisse SA sold certain articles at a low price, in collaboration with its network of consultants, and earmarked the profits for the Tdh program of Specialized Health Treatment. In 2010, a pretty bottle was sold for the programmes of water and sanitation of Terre des hommes in India.

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