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verified non-profit organisations

Laptops needed for students in Sierra Leone


Helping Children Worldwide is an American NGO that seeks to provide hope to impoverished children, their families and communities. The organization currently supports vulnerable children in Sierra Leone through the Child Rescue Centre. Helping Children Worldwide supports students from nursery...

Emergency relief for flood victims in Kenya


We are helping the victims of the current heavy rains in Kenya. Homes, crops and animals have been washed away by rains. The people are being relocated to safer grounds without housing, food, clean water or medicine for the flood victims. We have 30,000 people displaced. We raised...

Support for Orphans at the Blue House Orphanage in Uganda


Hope Multipurpose inc (HMI)has cared for orphaned and vulnerable girls in rural Kazo, Uganda, since 2004. We provide family like guidance, safe housing, nutritious food, clothing, health care, support for education and HOPE. The project is called the Blue House Orphanage. Our vision is to...

Shipping 40ft container with 400 donated bikes to Mexico


"Bicycles for Humanity" is trying to help poor Mexican children by giving them bikes to get to school. In addition, giving the adults a way to improve their life by giving them bikes to get empowered. They can get water, go to work, get to health clinics and so much more. This project in called...

Support Vocational Training Centre and Youth Enterprise Development Program, Cameroon


Kupe-Muanenguba Division is 5,000 Sq.Km with a population of 10 557, one of the underdeveloped Divisions in Cameroon. About 80% of the people are engaged in agriculture & the area is beset by high rate of poverty, HIV/AIDS, drug addiction, child neglect, unemployment, & juvenile delinquency....

Help to finish library in Bangladesh


We are aiming to set up a modern library in a village in Bangladesh. This will help students, young people and villagers. There is a lack of books in our village, which helps to fuel the school drop out rate. Name of the project: Masud Parves Library. The library intends to appoint a...

Surplus quality medicines and funds to ship to sub-Saharan Africa Verified non-profit organisation


The medicines that Inter Care send, contribute to the health care of around 9 million people which is the combined catchment of all its units. Availability of treatment at the moment of need is vital and though Inter Care’s donation of medicines represents only a fraction of their actual need, the...

Educational Development Need in Papua New Guinea


We need funding and educational material support from individual and donor organization project partners for our various Educational projects focused on disadvantaged school children, students, and schools in Papua New Guinea to empower individual's lives and alleviate poverty. We have four major...

Furnitures and equipment for FIFA Football for Hope Centre


The FIFA Football for Hope Centre was constructed in Cameroon by the World Football Federation to assist rural based street children, orphans and vulnerable children/young people in the domain of sports, education and health. United Action for Children was chosen by FIFA as the host to the...

Introduce biological sand water filters to countries in Asia Pacific & Africa


Access to and availability of basic services (water, sanitation, energy and communication) at an affordable cost is essential to human development. In particular, the availability of safe drinking water is an indicator of the health of a country. In the developing world, millions of residents lack...