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Borehole (water) project funding and donation of knitting/sewing machines and computers, Zambia


We are trying to help a community of underprivileged near Ndola in Zambia. This community lacks a close source of water –the closest one is 1 km away by foot. These community also does not have education for young people, who in the absence of educational or healthy activities just loiter...

Funding for Environment Protection Project in Uganda


My major focus at the moment is the community of Kakooge, in Nakasongola District, Uganda. Specially the youth between the ages of 16 -25 and the women. The major issues am trying to address include: - Poverty eradication - Climate change - Environmental protection - Agricultural...

Funding and Goods for Education to Orphans and Adults in Kenya


The Hillary Mainga Foundation mainly operates in the rural areas of the Busia and Bungoma counties in Kenya. For our current project, we hope to benefit mainly orphans, vulnerable children and adults. Our aim is to provide everybody, children and adults alike, the chance to receive quality...

Funding for a Medical and Dental Support Project in Cambodia


The Volunteer Youth Doctor Association is a Cambodian NGO, comprised of doctors and medical students in Phnom Penh, that aims to provide free health and dental care to people in need. The Volunteer Youth Doctor Association is setting up a project aimed at providing a good health condition to...

Provision of better educational facilities for poor rural schools in Zimbabwe


I am trying to help children from poor rural schools in Zimbabwe who need proper facilities to carry out a successful education. The issue is that many children in Zimbabwe have classes under a tree or in dilapidated rural primary school with little school equipment and teaching resources. They...

Helping Smallholder Coffee Growing Cooperative Societies Get into Coffee Certification through the Quality Management System (QMS) in Kenya


This project targets smallholder coffee growing cooperative societies comprising of small scale coffee farmers. Studies indicate that the world is quickly shifting towards sustainable farming because of: 1) Climate change concerns 2) Safeguarding consumers health and wellbeing Consequently...

Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancies and STDs in Zambia


As a youth led youth focused organisation, we are concerned with the increase in percentage of adolescent especially girls practicing behaviors that continue to increase their risk of HIV infection. Our report shows that there are wide misconceptions on pregnancy, with 47.7% of male youths...

Housing/Accomodation for the Underprivileged in Mabonji, Cameroon


The Peter Ambe Memorial Helping Hand Association (PAMHHA) is an NGO based in Sweden, with another office in Cameroon, is dedicated to helping those who are less privileged in Cameroon. PAMHHA offer assistance to individuals or groups of people who for one reason or another find it practically...

Sustainable Economic Growth for Muslim Minorities in the Mewat Region, India


We are trying to help the following oppressed, exploited and downtrodden people living in Mewat one of the most economically backward regions of Haryana, INDIA: The Mewat region is a region of Haryana state in India and located at southern edge of Haryana, situated in the National Capital Region...

Vocational Center for Rural Farmers in Cameroon


We are a group of rural farmers formed into an NGO -NICOLIPA (New Integrated Collective Initiative for Poverty Alleviation). Our aim is to increase the knowledge of the rural farmers, reduce or stop rural exodus, educate the farmer on how to use the PC (Functional Literacy Programme), increase food...