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School supplies for children in Ghana


Illiteracy is a major problem in developing countries as governments fail to provide the basic necessities for children to learn in schools. A lack of education eventually leads to a lack of growth in the economy, human trafficking, street hawking, internal migration which causes overcrowding and...

Poultry farming expansion project in Kenya


Mwengenye Widows, Widowers and Orphans Slums Organization (MWOSO) is an NGO in Kenya. We mobilize people in the community through education and training and starting income generating project. We tackle hunger and social issues, and help widows, widowers and orphans in a variety of ways, helping...

Secondary school for the deaf and hard of hearing in Cameroon


We are trying to help the underprivileged, particularly the deaf and hard of hearing who have been neglected and relegated to the background. Deaf and hard of hearing persons in our community have not been given opportunities to pursue formal education like their able-bodies peers and because of...

Establish school libraries for underprivileged children in India


Our project, named Akshar, aims to help under privileged students in rural areas and slums who are studying in government schools. According to current estimates 80% of schools in India are government schools, making the government the major provider of education. However because of the poor...

Transport pallets of donated food from U.S. to Romania


Street children are common in this part of Europe. Children are hungry, cold, dirty and left to fend for themselves. Families who cannot feed their family often fall apart when one or both parents must leave in search of scarce economic opportunity. We have set up Feeding Centres is some of the...

Building new classrooms for disadvantaged pupils in Madagascar


We aim to help children and young people who belong to poor families from the Ambohimena district and vicinity to access education that will help them to escape poverty and become good citizens. The Saint Vincent de Paul College has existed since 1986. Its main aim is to educate deprived children....

Audio Visual Equipment for Leprosy Relief Centre in India


"Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre" are giving awareness programme to school children, Industrial workers and also public. In this programme we are using pamphlets, flash cards and public announce system and slide projector. We are conducting activities of health education regarding...

Help children of migrant workers of brick-fields in southern West Bengal, India


EDUCATION Children of migrant workers of brick-fields in southern West Bengal migrate seasonally along with their parents, and so they cannot benefit from government sponsored free schooling, Mid Day Meal programs, etc. They come from poorer section of marginalized communities, i.e. Scheduled...

Support housing and nutrition for Paya widows and elders in Tororo, Uganda


Due to the increasing difficulties that widows and the elderly face, the organization is proposing a low cost housing project in the Tororo district. This project will provide nutritional support and home based care as well as put up 30 units of low cost houses as a social protection all designed...

Radio equipment needed in Ntungamo District, Uganda


A community radio will be established in Ngoma Sub County - Ntungamo District, in Western Uganda. There are serious issues with diseases, illiteracy, poverty and low levels of savings in the community and its neighboring areas. We hope to address these issues on radio and allow people to...