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Volunteers needed to assist the Child Development Centre in Hong Kong


The Child Development Centre (CDC) is an organisation that provides a unique range of support to the widest spectrum of special educational needs issues in English and Chinese. Opening our Wanchai Centre and offering Chinese services in 2010 has enabled us to serve 277 students and their...

Establishing a laboratory to help pregnant women in Yaounde, Cameroon.


The rate of maternal/infant mortality in Cameroon is alarming (650/1000 women die per year.) Mothers die while giving birth, and children die before their fifth birthday. The situation creates a great deal of panic among women who say their last prayers before going into the labour wards because ...

Help to fund a well to irrigate crops and an orchard that supplies orphanages and feeding centres in Romania


Street children are common in Romania. Children are hungry, cold, dirty and left to fend for themselves. Families who cannot feed their family often fall apart when one or both parents must leave in search of scarce economic opportunity. We have set up Feeding Centres is some of the poorest and...

New Covenant School Building, Faisalabad, Pakistan


There are an estimated 600 brick kilns in the district of Faisalabad, Punjab. Their economic and social conditions are extremely poor. The kiln owners' behaviour towards the workers is neither humane nor moral, considering their workers to be slaves and making them work as if in a "hard labour"...

Creating a Community Library and Resource Centre in Nairobi, Kenya


The Kahawa West Community in Nairobi is home to 40,000 people with widely separate and diverse interests, backgrounds, cultural heritage, social values, and needs. They all, however, have limited access to basic socioeconomic support and opportunity despite some progress recently in regard to road...

Seeking partners in irrigation project, Mali


We would like to improve the lives of some 300 rural farmers by improving agricultural production. The aim is to help the farmers to produce more and better rice, potatoes, bananas and onions, so as to improve food security and income. The project area is located in Mandé in the Rural Municipality...

Construction of Mother and Child Health Clinic in Zambia


In many developing countries, including Zambia, women have unequal or limited access to health services. As women are most often the sole earners in a household, a decline in women’s health often leads to a decline in the standard of living for the entire household. Access to health services is...

Indonesion Health Education Organisation Looking for Institution to Receive Medical Interns


There is a problem with nurses who graduate from SMK(vocational high school) in Indonesia. Since august 2011, the Ministry of Health does not give working permits to health workers who do not have a higher education diploma. As the result, there are thousands graduates every year who may not...

Tree planting project around Buikwe and the greater Mukono district, Uganda


African Foundation for People In Need (AFFPIN) work with schools around Buikwe and the greater Mukono district to plant more trees in Uganda and inspire more people to do so. We mobilize local and international volunteers to work with local partner schools to plant trees in the neighborhood. We...

Establishing Community Information Centres in South Sudan


South Sudan, the newest country in the world, has been involved in more than two decades of war. One of the consequences of this is that the country lacks many valuable technologies for communication and Information sharing, coupled with extremely poor means of transport. We, in our role as the...