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Help to provide services for elderly deaf people in Cambodia


The project focuses on the elderly people with disabling deafness. There is a desperate paucity of specialist ear healthcare throughout Cambodia. AEC is the only NGO in Cambodia providing these vital services. For elderly people, deafness is a particular problem. Most people over sixty are...

Introduce biological sand water filters to countries in Asia Pacific & Africa


Access to and availability of basic services (water, sanitation, energy and communication) at an affordable cost is essential to human development. In particular, the availability of safe drinking water is an indicator of the health of a country. In the developing world, millions of residents lack...

Volunteer for African Foundation for People in Need, Uganda


We focus on poor rural community-building initiatives that involve people at the local level to ensure that local needs are met. Because much of poverty is generational in Uganda, children are at the heart of our mission. We want to empower them to be key change agents in their communities. To this...

Project Helping Widows in Tamil Nadu, India


We are trying to help women and children by addressing issues of women's development and the importance of education for the children and vocational training for the unemployed widows. We also provide free hospital medical camps for the needy. Our main purpose of the project is to help the...

Funding needed to send medical teams to Mumbai India to perform heart surgery


Healing Little Hearts is a UK based charity set up to make a contribution towards the paucity of health care for the large number of babies and children with correctable congenital heart defects in India. We send teams of doctors and nurses to India every two months to perform low cost heart...

Create better healthcare in Indonesia


Indonesia, a country with the fourth largest population in the world, has vast healthcare problems. The country has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in South East Asia, with an estimated 470 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, compared with 9 deaths for every 100,000 live births in...

Looking for Volunteer NGO Managing Director, Uganda


Twerwaneho Orphans Community Initiative (TOCI) is a small locally run community initiative that focuses on helping HIV/AIDS affected orphans, child headed households and children with disabilities and special needs to live healthy, sustainable and successful lives. The organization seeks to recruit...

Help Tribal Livelihood Development and Forest Weed Control in India


We assist tribal and rural livelihood development through a project based on forest conservation and weed removal. This involves clearing the forest, destroying the invasive weed plant, Lantana Camara, and converting it into products which can be sold and used in a variety of ways, as we explain...

Help to Sustain and Develop the Professional Animal Control Emergency & Safety Service in India


Human and animal conflict has happened since the day life started on earth, but now it takes place when any species enters into human residential zones because of factors such as loss of habitat, real estate threats, encroachment, degraded water resources, no shelter, excessive heat and sound. But...

Volunteers in PR/Marketing/Communication/IT for "Education" Projects - Hong Kong


We are a newly registered NGO in Hong Kong, part of Aide et Action, an international NGO headquartered in Geneva. AEA carries out projects on a number of issues, focussing on education because we believe this is the basis of all development and a lever to help end poverty. Our Vision Quality...