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Vision : to make sufficient food available to all people.

Mission : to satisfy people in a healthy manner.
Values : defined by preserving creation (people and nature) in a sustained, environmentally conscious and humane manner.

How can a nutrition system be created that preserves the earth while making sure that everybody is satisfied? The fact is: While a large part of humankind hungers worldwide, others suffer from obesity. Our nutrition system has come apart at the seams. A large part of foodstuff is used for raising cattle, where it is accompanied by unfavourable efficiency (CO2).

Focusing on vegan and vegetarian food is therefore beneficial. The world’s population has nearly quintupled during the last century. From 1900 to 2017 is has grown from 1.6 to 7.5 billions. The risk of hunger is on the rise. As a result of the growth of world population the agriculturally usable area per head is shrinking. Innovative solutions are needed here, and easynutrition is able to provide and implement them.



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