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Pro Children Foundation of Darien


The Pro Children Foundation of Darien is a non-profit organisation with a main mission to improve the nutritional situation of “Darienita” children -- through well-balanced nutrition and other complementary support in health, education and training in self-sustainable agricultural production. This...

Calvary Ministries (CAPRO)


Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) is a non-denominational organisation which performs missionary work as well as humanitarian aid projects. CAPRO targets unreached ethnic groups within a country for effective evangelism, discipleship and church planting. In countries where there is a strong Christian...

Mosaic Community of Faith


Mosaic Community of Faith established the Faith Based Partnership Initiative to encourage partnerships among various churches, communities and organisations and to develop holistic approaches to work with poor individuals and families by providing them educational opportunities and jobs.

GRADEL Groupe d'Action de Developpement Local


GRADEL is a non-profit organisation, working for the development of the people of Benin. It is a local development group, that aims to increase the living standards of those in need by teaching IT and communication skills to young people, so expanding their employment opportunities.

SIL International


SIL International studies, documents, and assists in developing the world’s lesser-known languages in partnership with host governments, nongovernmental agencies, indigenous organizations, and academic institutions worldwide as well as with churches and local communities.SIL integrates language and...

One World Trust


One World Trust aims to achieve the eradication of poverty, injustice and war. It conducts research on practical ways to make global organizations more responsive to the people they affect, and on how the rule of law can be applied equally to all. Its guiding vision is a world where all peoples...

American Center for International Labor Solidarity (Solidarity Center)


The American Center for International Labor Solidarity, or Solidarity Center, launched in 1997, is an organization dedicated to helping workers around the world build independent and democratic trade unions. It works with NGOs and unions worldwide to improve living conditions and promote equitable,...

Gender Center for Sustainable Development (GSCD)


Gender Center for Sustainable Development (GSCD) aims to promote partnership with key stakeholders from civil society, the public and private sectors to assist the welfare of women. GSCD also seeks to ensure equal gender participation in IT, support information structures for free exchange of...

As You Sow


As You Sow is an American foundation that promotes environmental and corporate social responsibility through advocacy, coalition building and innovative legal strategies. The foundation runs two programmes: the Environmental Enforcement Programme seeks to reduce and remove carcinogenic exposures...

CSR Europe


CSR Europe is a European business network for corporate social responsibility (CSR) with around 70 multinational corporations and 31 national partner organisations as members. CSR Europe has a unique delivery model which aims to support companies in building sustainable competitiveness, foster...