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Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA)


The Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA) carries out problem-oriented, multi-disciplinary research on India’s natural resources, with a focus on conservation and efficient, sustainable exploitation. CRIDA's contributions include strategies for agricultural drought...

Yayasan Bina Mandiri


Yayasan Bina Mandiri (YBM) is a non-governmental foundation specializing in programs designed to transform economically disadvantaged communities to become self-sufficient and enhance their standard of living. Special emphasis is placed toward the education of children, housing for the homeless,...

Young Advocates for the Advancement of ICT-related Development


Young Advocates for the Advancement of ICT-related Development (YAAICT-D)is a non-profit organization that raise awareness about the power of ICTs in Malawi through young people, women and marginalized groups throughout the country. The organization provides training, lobbies for improvement of ICT...

Better Business Bureau (BBB)


Better Business Bureau (BBB) acts as an intermediary between consumers and businesses in the US and Canada. Its main functions are to resolve disputes, to facilitate communication, and to provide information on ethical business practices. The BBB is committed to the reliability of business reports,...

Business for Social Responsibility - China Training Institute


Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) helps companies make corporate social responsibility a part of their own business format. BSR provides tools, training and advisory services. The China Training Institute (CTI) is an ongoing independent project run by BSR, which started in 2004 and aims...

Hungry Minds Educational Society (HUMES)


Hungry Minds Educational Society (HUMES) is a Canadian, Non Government Organization (NGO) working to improve the living standards of rural Ugandan adults living in extreme poverty, through sustainable community-based initiatives.

Local Youth Corner (LOYOC), Cameroon


Local Youth Corner is a non profit organisation, which helps youth from different cultures to work together to improve youth standards in a peaceful manner and to build a society of responsible young men and women. LOYOC achieves this goal through training workshops, seminars, education projects...

Heifer China


Heifer China, a country office of Heifer Project International (HPI), combats hunger, alleviates poverty, and restores the environment by providing appropriate livestock, training, and related services to small-scale farmers. Heifer China helps people utilise livestock as an integral component of...

Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development


Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development is a foundation with objectives for sustainable improvement in quality of life and reduction of poverty and social inequalities in developing countries. They aim to achieve this through the research and spread information on issues of sustainable...

Global Source Net - Azerbaijan


Global SourceNet (GSN) is an international development organization whose aim is to assist vulnerable population segments of Azerbaijan. GSN's projects and programs provide assistance in emerging economies through the implementation and management of development projects and programs. Some of...