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Global Hand non-profit listing

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Youth Link Uganda

Youth link uganda

Youth Link Uganda is a small NGO registered in the UK, operating in Uganda. The organisation works on sanitation, nutrition and health issues, as well as promoting youth development. Youth Link plans to run a number of projects in the local area, looking to expand into other sub counties over...

Syakwira Model Primary School


The Syakwira Model Primary School is a primary school in Uganda. The school has 276 pupils and 12 qualified teachers.

Friends of Orphans Revival Ministries


Friends of Orphans Revival Ministries (FOP-REV) is a Ugandan NGO committed helping HIV positive children, and persons living with HIV/AIDS. The organisaation aims to educate orphans and vulnerable children, and help to eradicate HIV/AIDS by providing information and educational scholarships.

Abaana Rural Outreach Foundation


The Abaana Rural Outreach Foundation is a Ugandan NGO that provides support to HIV positive children, orphans, disadvantaged youths and HIV positive women through education, health and economic empowerment. The Foundation aims to provide services to HIV positive people that will help them to...

Kiareni Orphanage


The Kiareni Orphanage is an orphanage in Kenya which currently caters for 18 children. The managers of the orphanage are currently looking for funds to help them expand their services.

Action Life Pakistan.

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Action Life Pakistan is a Christian ministry in Pakistan that provides shelter, food, and medical care in addition to its faith-based activities.

Mauluni Dam Association


The Mauluni Dam Association is a voluntary group in Kenya seeking funding to help desilt a dam.

Divine Preparatory Schools Gomba


Divine Preparatory Schools Gomba is a private rural school in Uganda offering education to children between 3 and 14. The school also runs other programmes for orphans, women and girls, including sgriculture, fish farming and health.


Omwabini logo

Omwabini is a Kenyan NGO that works with orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) to rebuild lives and provide opportunities for health, growth and sustainable progress. The organisation provides shelter, education and vocational training, also health care and counselling, and has constructed an...

Namungoona Initiative for Sustainable Development


The Namungoona Initiative for Sustainable Development is a Ugandan NGO that works for people with disabilities and for women and children. The Initiative is also involved in advocacy and capacity building, water and sanitation projects, education and social development programmes.