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Global Hand non-profit listing

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Delta 2

Deltawomen is an NGO in Nigeria established to influence policy changes to maximize opportunities and equality for women. The organisation aims to to build the capacity of women to escape poverty and deprivation through self-reliance and by empowerment through education.

Muyambi Youth Development Association


Muyambi Youth Development Association (MUYODA) is a community based NGO in Uganda. The Association aims to provide a voice for young people, helping them to improve their standard of living.

National Voluntary Blood Donors Organisation of Cameroon

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The National Voluntary Blood Donors Organization of Cameroon is an NGO under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health. Its main mission is to ensure national self-sufficiency in blood products with optimal conditions for quality and safety. The organisation is the link between the...

Mother Teresa Humanitary Service Organization

Mother teresa

The Mother Teresa Humanitary Service Organization is an Indian NGO based in Tamil Nadu. The organisation runs a home for children. Currently there are 42 children receiving care in the home.

Community Response


Community Response is a Zambian NGO that aims to promote increased access to education in order to improve the standard of living, gender equality and health in rural and poor communities. The organisation also aims to promote environmental awareness and management through sensitisation. ...

Foundation for Economic empowerment and Educational Development (FEED)

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The Foundation for Economic empowerment and Educational Development (FEED) is a Nigerian NGO that aims to assist in reducing poverty by working with donor organizations in potentially inflammatory situations.

Vision Nepal


Vision Nepal is a women-headed Christian development organization based in Kathmandu. The organisation concentrates on the improvement and development of marginalized communities working at grassroots level on issues relating to health, education and livelihoods, particularly for women and...

Somalia Humanitarian Aid and Development Organisation (SHADO)


The Somali Humanitarian Aid and Development Organization (SHADO)is an indigenous national NGO established by local people together with members of the Somalian diaspora. The organisation aims to provide sustainable livelihoods intervention opportunities to support the most vulnerable communities...

Umma General Supplies and Services


Umma General Supplies and Services is a community based organisation in Tanzania, helping the needy get support and services that help them to become self reliant.

Devcorps Incorporated


Devcorps Incorporated is a Liberian NGO that promotes sustainable development through community engagement, capacity building and action research. The organisation works through education, micro-enterprise development, agricultural and health programmes for poor and marginalised groups,...