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Global Hand non-profit listing

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Holy Family Orphans Hope

Holy family

Holy Family Orphans Hope is a Christian organisation in Pakistan that helps orphans.

Kenya Book Source Trust


Kenya Book Source Trust is is a Kenyan charity with a mandate to receive books and other learning materials from abroad. The Trust aims to assist poor Kenyans to access books and other educational material more easily.

Wathajir Development Organisation


Wathajir Development Organisation is a Kenyan NGO that promotes the well-being of vulnerable pastoralist communities through integrated livelihood and social development programmes.

Continental Youth Watch Development Organization (CYWADO) Tanzania

Cywado log

Continental Youth Watch Development Organization Tanzania is an NGO that works on legal and human rights, social development, formal and informal education, conflict resolution and environmental issues. CYWADO promotes the Millennium Development Goals.

Rescue the Perishing Foundation

Rescue the perishing fnd

Rescue The Perishing Foundation is a Ghanaian Christian NGO that works for broken, discouraged,rejected,weak,sickly and lowly people. The Foundation supports and cares for orphans, physically and mentally challenged people, and visits prisons and hospitals to comfort the sick and the dying. ...

Peace through Education and Sports (PTEAS)

Pteas logo

Peace through Education and Sports (PTEAS) is a religious NGO in Pakistan. The organization was established to contribute to peace building / peace keeping, civic activism, social harmony initiatives and alternative development approaches for underdeveloped communities.

Youth Initiatives in Development (YIDE)


The Youth Initiatives in Development (YIDE) is a Malawian NGO that supports young people through programmes that focus on empowerment, HIV Aids, reproductive health, human rights and governance as well as climate change. The organisation works through training in leadership development,...

Youth First Development


Youth First Development is a Zambian NGO that helps young people to become involved in development. The organisation is involved in projects around reproductive health, farming, entrepreneurship and governance.

Gospel of Christ Chapel


The Gospel of Christ Chapel is a church, based in Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana.

Global Care Partners, Inc.

Gcpi-georgia w-globe (4x1-150dpi) medium

Global Care Partners, Inc. is a charitable organisation based in Michigan, USA. The organisation was established to provide health education and humanitarian aid and, since 2009, has expanded its outreach in the area of global healthcare by making medical diagnostic tools and education available to...