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INFID (International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development)

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The International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID) is a network comprising Indonesian NGOs, together with member countries of the Consultative Group for Indonesia (CGI). INFID’s remit is to facilitate communication between NGOs to promote alleviation of structural poverty, and improve...

Community Reproductive Health Initiative (CORHI)


Community Reproductive Health Initiative (CORHI) is a Ugandan NGO that aims to improve the reproductive health of poor young people between the ages of 10 and 35, in rural and urban areas through dissemination of information, prevention and treatment. CORHI operates a registered medical centre...

Mission Harvest America Inc


Mission Harvest America Inc (MHA) provides global disaster and humanitarian aid donations of materials for free distribution only. In response to the Haiti earthquake, MHA sent over 260 containers of relief goods. 5 semi-truck loads were sent to the northern states in response to Hurricane Sandy...

The Welly Recycling Project

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The Welly Recycling Project is an organisation based in Wales. The Project has 4,000 discarded wellington boots and is raising money by selling items made from the boots. The money raised is used to help send the lower 'clog' parts of the boots to areas in the world that require decent footwear.

Rural Action For Social Empowerment (RASET)


The Rural Action For Social Empowerment Trust (RASET) ia an NGO in Tamil Nadu, India. The organisation aims to transform the structures and institutions where gender discrimination and social inequalities apply and to work for a more just society. RASET works on education and empowerment of...

Peneil Child Development Programme


The Peneil Child Development Programme is a child development programme in Uganda run by a Christian ministry working with children of school going age. The Programme currently caters for 21 children who attend Green Hill Nursery and Primary School.

Destitute Help Centre International


The Destitute Help Centre International is a Kenyan NGO that aims to improve the livelihoods of communities which have no access to amenities such as roads, electricity, safe water and sanitation. The Centre hopes to achieve this by promoting a range of activities that are in the process of being...

The Gracias Foundation


The Gracias Foundation is a US-based NGO that aims to restore dignity and the opportunity for sustainable development to survivors of violence and trauma in a number of African countries. The organisation works through grassroots commnunity projects involving women, children and young people.

Kingdom of Islamic School

Kingdom school building(1)

The Kingdom of Islamic School is a primary school in Ghana. The school currently has 800 pupils from nursery to class 6.

New Entity of Welfare Organisation


The New Entity of Welfare Organisation is an Indian NGO that assists people with leprosy by running screening camps where they can be registered and encouraged to visit doctors and take medication. The organisation also runs a home for children of people with leprosy. The home currently provides...