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Global Hand non-profit listing

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Arevamanuk is an Armenian NGO that works for children with disabilities and their families. The organisation provides education, training and counselling. Children study foreign languages, computer skills, needlework, embroidery and dancing. Arevamanuk has implemented a range of projects with...

Cape Mental Health

Cape mental health

Cape Mental Health is a South African NGO that works to improve the lives of children and adults with mental disabilities and mental health needs. The organisation runs 22 community-based projects in over 100 communities in the Western Cape. These projects help people adjust to their disability,...

Touch the Untouchables


Touch the Untouchables is a school-based group in Michigan, US, that aims to make a difference to people who often do not attract attention from donors, including people with leprosy.Currently the group is helping leprosy victims in India.

Tanzania Youth for Christ

Youth for christ tanzania

Tanzania Youth for Christ (TYFC) is a Tanzanian NGO that participates in the social, mental, physical and spiritual development of young people. TYFC owns a development studies centre where it offers accredited professional courses including IT/ICT and Basic Computer Application, and secondary...

Growth Partners Africa


Growth Partners Africa is a capacity development NGO based in Nairobi. The organisation applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximizing profits for its partners. Sustainable solutions underpin all its interventions which are in...

Aadhaar Inclusive Development for Agriculture and Rural Infrastructure Development (AID-ARID)

Aid arid

Aadhaar Inclusive Development for Agriculture and Rural Infrastructure Development (AID-ARID) is an socially motivated Indian NGO that aims to strengthen rural infrastructure and assist the development of sustainable livelihoods. AID-ARID supports rural initiatives and institutes and inject new...

World Peace Sales


World Peace Sales is an organisation in Spain that sells clothing bearing the World Peace logo with all profits going to projects globally that promote world peace.

Shafquat Educational Society


The Shafquat Educational Society is an Indian NGO that works on issues related to education and health, training for employment for Muslim rural youth, the environment, sanitation and other social welfare projects. The Society also aims to help women through education.

She Community Based Organisation


The She Community Based Organisation is an NGO in Kenya that works on issues related to community empowerment and community sensitisation on environmental conservation, and talent nurturing.

Crocodile Friends for Justice


Crocodile Friends for Justice is a Kenyan NGO whose members have all been attacked by crocodiles. The organisation works with people with disabilities, helping them to improve their ability to farm, for example, using greenhouse technology. The organisation also advocates on issues relating to...