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Global Hand non-profit listing

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Sairam Health Care Charitable Trust


The Sairam Health Care Charitable Trust is an Indian NGO involved in health care.

Church of the Nazarene


The Church of the Nazarene is a Christian organisation in Karachi, Pakistan. The Church is in the process of erecting a building for the congregation and is looking for funds to continue the building work. The Church is also hoping to be able to establish a school.

Child Action Rural Development Society

Vijay distributing slate

The Child Action Rural Development Society (CARDS) is a grass roots Indian NGO that works for disadvantage sections of the community, in particular, children. The organisation runs a home for street children, and works in flood affected areas, providing relief services to communities in need.

KITI Single Mothers Organization


KITI Single Mothers Organization is a group of very poor single mothers in Kenya who want to find alternative ways of self support.

Women's Centers International


Women's Centers International (WCI) is an American NGO that develops community-based centres for women affected by chronic poverty and war. The centres provide training programmes that empower members to identify their potential and to create progressive and sustainable life and work options. Each...

Redeemed Christian Church of God Vessels of Abundance Heart of David Drama Group


The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Vessels of Abundance Heart of David Drama Group is a Nigerian group that trains people to conduct ministry through drama that focuses on social ills.

Child Support Uganda (CSU)


Child Support Uganda (formerly Orphans for Christ in Africa), is a non-sectarian, non-denominational Christian organization (NGO) caring for orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged youth and poor communities in Uganda, East Africa. CSU advocates for and promotes the rights and welfare of...

Kateta Vocational Development Centre

One of the beneficiaries of the organisation qualified as mechanic

The Kateta Vocational Development Centre is an NGO in Uganda. The organisation works with and for young boys fleeing from Internally Displaced Persons' (IDP) camps.

Malawi Human Rights Youth Network (MHRYN)


The Malawi Human Rights Youth Network (MHRYN) is an NGO that focuses on governance and human rights, health (HIV/AIDS), socio-economic and political empowerment and climate change and environmental management. The Network coordinates efforts by its more than 40 member organisations to empower...

MAMACHA Women Group

Hivaids day at musoma

The MAMACHA Women (Mwita Mugaya Chacha) Group is a Tanzanian NGO that works with women and vulnerable children. The Group is assisted by T-Placor, (Tanzania Placement and Career Co-ordination), a community development organization that aims to empower community participation in the development...