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Donation of 750 x Cd Roms: Secondary Educational resource in English


We have a number of our Teaching SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) with Confidence in Secondary Schools CD Roms available.The disc includes lesson plans and resources for years 7 - 11. in English

Offer of new shoes - container loads Verified non-profit organisation


New Skecher Bobs black Crocs - childrens sizes. Please note: There is a handling fee of 3500 USD per container.

NGO Offering Installation of E-Learning Platforms for Disadvantaged Kenyan Institutions


Mwana Education Foundation is a registered Kenyan charity with the overall aim of promoting access to education for young people from poor backgrounds. We are working towards the provision of universal and equitable education for all as enshrined in the United Nations's (EFA) principles. We...

Business Offering Range of New Goods (GBP £70k)


RS Components, the operating company of Electrocomponents PLC wishes to donate 38 pallets of goods, consisting of approximately 700 different types of product, for charitable use

Company initiative to purchase LLIN mosquito nets for families in Africa


We are seeking a long term partnership with charities or NGOs to supply/finance LLIN mosquito nets to communities in Africa. We can assist by providing funds to purchase LLIN mosquito nets for the partner.

Manager Without Borders - Offer of services.


Manager Without Borders is a German NGO that provides opportunities for experienced managers (executives and junior executives) who, for a specific period of time, want to pass on their knowledge and get involved in a global non-profit project. The organisation makes short-time support possible by...

Computers for Education


We would like to provide computers for the Education of youth to enable them to be better able to gain useful employment and maintain there families. Our transportation and involvement is limited to shipping to the nearest sea port of the recipient organisation. The cost of which may need to be...

Company Offering +1000m of Drainage Pipework for Global Projects


We are a waste management company in Newport, South Wales. We currently have over 1000 meters of drainage pipes we wish to donate, worth in excess of £10,000. As a New Years Resolution, GD Environmental has re-evaluated what we do with our products and, where possible, how we can use them to...

High quality hotel furniture available for donation Verified non-profit organisation


Crossroads has recently been offered a large quantity of good quality, used hotel furniture, and we are open to requests from partners who can arrange the transportation from Hong Kong. Items available include double beds (boxsprings and mattresses), outdoor metal chairs and tables, sleeper lounge...

Educational materials for teaching children and teachers


Donate books toys paper pens art materials and type writers