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Global Hand non-profit listing

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Return to the Soil Project


The Return to the Soil Project is an organisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo whose purpose is to improve life for its members and promote a culture of peace, social justice and peaceful resolution of conflict. The organisation also aims to fight against illnesses such as AIDS, leprosy and...

Madurai Multipurpose Social Service Society

Mmsss - emblem

The Madurai Multipurpose Social Service Society (MMSSS) is an Indian organisation that works on on developmental issues concerning women, children, Dalits and refugees. The organisation aims to identify, organize and assist marginalized and oppressed communities to achieve their rights and...

House of Glory Ministries


The House of Glory Ministries is a church in Tulbagh, South Africa.

Jan Sarokar


Jan Sarokar is an Indian NGO that is involved in women's empowerment and issues relating to. gender and violence against women.

Aloe Vera Youth Group


The Aloe Vera Youth Group is a group of young people in Kenya aiming to establish a self-employment programme in the community, and thus helping to reduce poverty. The Group currently focuses on fish keeping, bee keeping and poultry farming.

Taqweem e Pakistan

Logo taqweem

Taqweem e Pakistan is an NGO in Pakistan. The organisation works on issues related to education, empowerment, the environment and health. Current projects include Educate Pakistan; the Zahida Mother and Child Care Centre, Women Empowerment (counselling, training and development of skills).

Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources (Hawassa University)


The Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources is a college within the Hawassa University in Ethiopia. The College conducts applied and development oriented research in soils, non timber forest products, biodiversity conservation, natural resource economics, fuel, silviculture,...

Uganda Rural Elderly Support (URES)


Uganda Rural Elderly Support (URES) is an NGO that assists the elderly in rural areas by enabling them to develop skills and obtain facilities to improve their livelihoods.

Good Word of God


Good Word of God is a church in Kampala, Uganda. In addition to its faith-based activities, the church assists HIV/AIDS orphans and has established an orphanage. The church also assists other needy people.



Tostan is an American NGO working with rural and remote communities in eight African countries. Tostan’s three year nonformal education programme, the Community Empowerment Programme (CEP), provides participants with knowledge and skills in human rights, health and hygiene, literacy, maths,...