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Global Hand non-profit listing

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Life Concern Organization (LICO)


Life Concern Organization (LICO) is an NGO in Malawi that aims to help vulnerable rural communities to improve their living standards and health. LICO is currently working on a range of projects, including the prevention of mother to child HIV transmission, HIV counselling, the provision of...

Save the Nature (STN)

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Save the Nature (STN) is an NGO in Pakistan that aims to promote sustainable development in Balochistan through environmental conservation and management of natural resources. STN is involved in awareness raising and capacity building, helping communities to adopt farming practices that aid...

Cameroon League for Development (CAMLEAD)

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The Cameroon League for Development is an NGO that fights against communicable and non- communicable diseases and is involved in environmental protection and conservation, sustainable development and gender equality issues. The League also assists the elderly. ...

Welfare Organisation for Rural Lean Development (WORLD)


The Welfare Organisation for Rural Lean Development (WORLD) is an Indian NGO that aims to educate rural people about health, hygiene and sanitation and to improve their health. The organisation also aims to help communities develop economically.

Gmapetro Community Development Limited


Gmapetro Community Development Limited is a Kenyan NGO that helps its members by mobilizing resources and through micro-credit. The organisation also provides training on HIV/AIDS.

Water of Life Ministries


The Water of Life Ministries is a Christian organisation in Zambia. In addition to its faith-based activities, the Ministries provide vocational training for young people.

SID Child Care Foundation (SCCF)


The Sid Child Care Foundation (SCCF) is a Ugandan NGO that focuses on HIV/AIDS, orphans, youth, people with disabilities,widows, and promotion and protection of children rights.

Destined Child International Foundation


The Destined Child International Foundation is a Nigerian NGO that is committed to assist in reducing poverty by reaching out to orphans, widows and the less privileged. The Foundation aims to provide shelter and basic education for orphans and street children, and to help widows increase...

Chipata Youth Outreach Ministry


The Chipata Youth Outreach Ministry is a Zambian NGO that supports young people struggling to find employment. The organisation has held a series of community consultation meetings to discuss youth unemployment, and intends to provide training to help young people create their own businesses..

Grace Evangelistic Missions


Grace Evangelistic Missions is is a faith-based organization in Kenya.