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Global Hand non-profit listing

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AKSHAYA Rehabilitation Trust


The AKSHAYA Rehabilitation Trust is an Indian NGO based in Tamil Nadu that works for the rights and dignity of people with disabilities. The activities carried out by the organisation include the following: advocacy on behalf of people with disabilities, screening people with disabilities in...

Somaliland University of Technology (SUTECH)


Somaliland University of Technology (SUTECH) is a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan tertiary educational institution in the breakaway republic of Somaliland. The University was founded in the year 2000 under name of "Hargeisa College of Applied Arts and Technology. SUTECH aims to provide...

4 The People Service Organization


4 The People Service Organization is a charitable organization in India. The organisation works with and for people in rural and tribal areas building orphanages and introducing technical education to financially backward students. The organisation also provides support to the elderly, works in...

Karusandara Development Association


The Karusandara Development Association is a community based organization in a rural area of Uganda adjacent to the Queen Elizabeth National Park. The members of the Association are subsistence farmers who are attempting to diversify production by cultivating coffee for commercial purposes.

Wise and Solace Foundation


The Wise and Solace Foundation (W.S.F) is a Ghanaian NGO that works for deprived and less privileged needy children and young people to develop talents and skills and to promote education. WSF has donated school supplies to children in need, and runs an ICT centre where a number of children are...

International Transformation Foundation (ITF)


ITF (International Transformation Foundation) is a youth NGO that aims to change and transform young people. ITF nurtures young people through projects based on self development, including youth leadership and entrepreneurial training.

Women Environment Conservation Project (WECOP)


The Women Environmentalthr Conservation Project (WECOP) is a Ugandan NGO. The organisation aims to respond to the challenges of disease, poverty, and illiteracy. WECOP has set up village saving and credit associations, and is also involved in a range of other activities including...

Barapara Bijoyee Sangha


Barapara Bijoyee Sangha is an Indian NGO that aims to provide meaningful opportunities for poor and disadvantaged communities, with particular emphasis on the empowerment of women and other vulnerable sections of society in order to achieve high levels of sustainable social and economic...

TUMU Foundation


The TUMU Foundation is a Ugandan NGO that aims to increase access to quality health care services and social support for needy and less privileged groups in the Buhweju District and the neighbouring areas. The Foundation's programme focuses on health care and support, community education, direct...

International West Africa Asylum Seekers Foundation


The International West Africa Asylum Seekers Foundation is an NGO in South Africa. The organisation aims to provide welfare, including housing, for West African asylum seekers living in South Africa.