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Global Hand non-profit listing

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Enyenge Development Initiative


The Enyenge Development Initiative (EDI) is an NGO in Cameroon. The organisation aims to promote development. Currently, EDI is working on a project to provide a hand pump water system to local communities.

Life Focus Group


The Life Focus Group is a Kenyan NGO that has worked in peace education. The Group is involved in education and training.

Shauri Yako Community Youth Support Centre (SYSC)


The Shauri Yako Community Youth Support Centre (SYSC) is a Kenyan NGO that works with underprivileged young people living in the slums, helping them to access development opportunities. The organisation focuses on skills training and health promotion.

Rescue Aid Foundation

Raf logoi

The Rescue Aid Foundation (RAF) is a Christian NGO in Ghana. RAF aims to help rural communities gain access to basic services including education and water and sanitation by 2035. The Foundation drills boreholes, supplies toilets and helps to build schools.

Helping Orphan and Widow Poor People (HOWPP) Organisation

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The Helping Orphan and Widow Poor People (HOWPP) Organisation is a Christian NGO in Pakistan that helps widows,orphans and people with disabilities in addition to its faith-based work. The organisation is aiming to set up an adult education centre, to provide medical facilities for its client...

Foundation for Child Support and Development (formerly Camp David Centre)

Camp david

The Foundation for Child Support and Development is a registered charity in Kenya that works for the community, in particular, for children and their rights. The Foundation is currently seeking sponsors for 330 orphaned children who urgently need help.

Smile Welfare Organisation


The Smile Welfare Organisation (SWO) is an NGO in Pakistan e established by people involved in the social development of the local community. SWO is currently involved in providing access to education for the children of rural brick kiln workers.

Resource Exchange Trust


The Resource Exchange Trust is an Indian NGO that aims to eradicate malnutrition and improve hygiene in Tamilnadu. The Trust uses college students to help improve hygiene in in remote village government schools, and provides a hygiene kit for the children to encourage them to look after their...

Needs Foundation


The Needs Foundation is a Pakistani NGO that works on nutrition and health education. The organisation also provides legal assistance.

Awaz E Rooh


Awaz E Rooh is an NGO in Pakistan. The organisation works on education, health and human rights issues in rural areas.