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Global Hand non-profit listing

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Creative Spirit Welfare Organization

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The Creative Spirit Welfare Organization is an NGO in Pakistan that works on issues related to education.

Mother Trust


Mother Trust is an Indian NGO that cares for the poorest in society and aims to empower them in regard to development and self-reliance through education.

Deepam Trust


Deepam Trust is an Indian NGO working among rural people, especially women and children, for socio-economic empowerment.

Tapoysa Social Welfare Organisation


Tapoysa Social Welfare Organisation is an Indian NGO that works in six states in India in the field of health, education, cultural and religious development, child and women empowerment, and disaster management.

Seeds of Hope Foundation


Seeds of Hope Foundation (SOHF) is a human rights, advocacy, and development organization working with marginalized communities in Faisalabad, Pakistan. SOHF offers education, training, and health counselling to those in need through various campaigns and projects, and makes people aware of...

Youth Entrepreneuship Club


The Youth Entrepreneuship Club is an NGO in Uganda that aims to assist members to access entrepreneurial resources, network with local and international entrepreneurs, and share ideas. The club is dedicated to creating and fostering a new generation of young entrepreneurs, helping members to...

Plus Development Foundation

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The Plus Development Foundation is a organisation in Pakistan that assists and mobilizes young men and women and disadvantages groups to achieve their potential.

Vulnerable Orphans and Widows Association


The Vulnerable Orphans and Widows Association is a Zambian NGO that cares for vulnerable children under 18, widows,single mothers and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Somali Human Rights Association(SOHRA)

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The Somali Human Rights Association (SOHRA) is an NGO based in Mogaishu. The organisation aims to investigate, document and monitor human rights in the country.

Indus Consortium for Humanitarian, Environmental and Development Initiatives


The Indus Consortium for Humanitarian, Environmental and Development Initiatives is an alliance of three rights based organizations in Pakistan; Laar Humanitarian Development Programme (LHDP), HELP Foundation and Doaba Foundation. The Consortium acts as a platform for the people living in the area...