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Caring Company (HK)


Caring Company is a platform engaging over 1700 corporations and 300 NGOs, working together for the benefits of all in the community. It provides localised tools, templates, guidelines and training to assist NGOs and companies in developing long-term partnerships. To help business corporations plan...

respACT - Austrian Business Council for Sustainable Development


respACT - Austrian Business Council for Sustainable Development is the leading platform for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development in Austria. This association emerged from the fusion of the Austrian Business council for Sustainable Development (ABCSD) and respACT...

Fundación Tierra Viva


Fundación Tierra Viva is a Venezuelan NGO dedicated to sustainable development and conservation. The organisation works with deprived communities on projects which meet needs defined by the community itself, focusing on environmental education, sustainable development, protected areas, organic...

Global Standards


Global Standards specialises in corporate social responsibility consulting in respect to international labour, environmental and safety standards for export manufacturers in Asia. On its website, the organisation posts resources in respect to the Vietnamese Labor Code, local Vietnamese labor laws,...

Unternehmen: Partner der Jugend e.V. (UPJ)


Unternehmen: Partner der Jugend e.V. (UPJ) combines 19 regional and local intermediary organisations and more than 60 companies in order to promote Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility in Germany. UPF aims at fostering long-term co-operation between businesses, community...

Association of Islamic Charitable Projects - North America


The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects (AICP) is a religious organisation established to teach Islam together with social responsibility. AICP sponsors secular and religious education through its programmes which range from pre-school to secondary level.

Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu (FOB)


Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu (FOB) is the first nongovernmental organisation in Poland to provide in-depth focus on the concept of corporate social responsibility. FOB focuses its activity upon: helping businesses develop their social responsibility; building business coalitions that focuses on...

Acción RSE


Acción RSE is a non profit member company organisation created by the private sector to promote Corporate Social Responsibility practices in Chile. Acción RSE has five main businss- oriented action areas, which are ethics and corporate governance, workplace, environment, supply chain, and...

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Enabling Corporate Investment in Peace


Enabling Corporate Investment in Peace: An Assessment of Voluntary Initiatives Addressing Business and Violent Conflict, and a Framework for Policy Decision-making, a briefing for corporate decision makers, reviews the provisions of voluntary codes, guidelines and initiatives that address the...

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More Than Making Money – Listing of Standards, Guidelines and Principles Relevant to Corporate Impacts


More Than Making Money – Listing of Standards, Guidelines and Principles Relevant to Corporate Impacts, a listing produced by Business in the Community (BITC) and Corporate Citizen, consists of standards, guidelines and principles relevant to corporate impacts such as benchmarkable standards,...