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UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) - TRAINS (TRade Analysis and INformation System) - Cameroon page

The TRAINS country notes summarise the trade control measures, tariffs and other import regulations.

Fighting Poverty: A Business Opportunity - Report on the 10th International Business Forum

Fighting Poverty: A Business Opportunity - Report on the 10th International Business Forum, a conference report, provides a summary of the Forum's proceedings in respect to how business is addressing the Millennium Development Goals.

Rwanda Development Gateway Non-Governmental Organisation Database

Rwanda Development Gateway Non-Governmental Organisation Database, a project of the Government of Rwanda operated by the National University of Rwanda, provides access to information related to non-governmental organizations in Rwanda.

Customs Guide - Australia

Customs Guide - Australia, a web portal of the Australian Customs Service, provides information about import and export documents, policies, and procedures.

United Nations Conference on Trade and Developmen (UNCTAD) - Trade Analysis and Information System (TRAINS)

TRAINS is a comprehensive computerized information system at the HS-based tariff line level covering tariff, para-tariff and non-tariff measures as well as import flows by origin for more than 140 countries.

Alertnet: Health

Alertnet provides relief and development agencies with health information.

UN Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises: Complementarities and Distinctive Contributions

The UN Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises Complementarities and Distinctive Contributions, the world’s foremost comprehensive, voluntary corporate responsibility initiatives, are clarified in this document as to the complementarities and distinctive contributions...


Arab.Net, an online resource covering countries in the Middle East and North Africa, offers information includes history, geography, culture, government, tour guides and business facts. There are also links to country-oriented websites.

BOND vacancies

This site provides details of current vacancies in UK NGO's working in international development.

Export Packing Guidelines

Export Packing Guidelines provides factors which should be taken into account in packing goods and equipment for shipping.

Yahoo Currency Converter

The Yahoo Currency Converter resource website allows the user to convert from any major currency to any other.

A Business Case for Fighting Poverty

Action on poverty can benefit business performance, as well as building an enabling environment in which to operate. This is the second paper in Oxfam’s ‘Briefings for Business’ series, which aims to develop the debate on the role of the private sector in poverty reduction by offering ideas and...

European Commission Customs & Taxation Union

The European Commission Customs and Taxation Union provides customs and taxation information in respect of EU member states, candidate countries who are in the process of joining the EU, other European states and territories, and over 45 other countries. This website also provides links to...

Doing business with the poor - a field guide

The Guide explores the way in which several leading companies, including Shell, Coca Cola and Procter and Gamble, are developing inclusive business models designed to assist them to create new revenue streams while serving the needs of the poor through sound commercial operations. The companies are...

Proposals for Funding Guidelines

Proposals for Funding Guidelines is a detailed paper, prepared by the Seattle Community Network, which sets out how to prepare an effective proposal document.

Magic Bank Case Studies A-Z Index

The MAGIC website is UNICEF's (United Nations Children's Fund) response to the Oslo Challenge of 1999, which called on media professionals, educators, governments, organisations, parents, children and young people themselves to recognise the enormous potential of media to make the world a better...

Nigeria map page

A United Nations map resource, with general and administrative maps of Nigeria.

Tax Act - Canada

This website of the Canadian Revenue Agency provides information on Canadian income tax laws relating to charities and donations of gifts-in-kind. Summary of policies, listing of registered Canadian charities and forms are also provided. is a global home page for orphanages. With an extensive list of orphanages around the world, helps donors directly donate to orphanages.

Promotora del Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica (PROCOMER)

Promotora del Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica (PROCOMER) website provides general information on importing to Costa Rica. The site has a large index of air freight and shipping companies that transport goods in and out of Costa Rica. Also the site provides up to date information on Costa Rica's...