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Common Humanitarian Accountability Framework for IWG Agencies

Common Humanitarian Accountability Framework for IWG Agencies, a report, analyses the current understanding and practices within the member agencies in humanitarian accountability and examines how the agencies can take on board various existing international standards.

Business Call to Action

The Business Call to Action (BCTA) is a focal point for mobilising the efforts of companies to contribute to the MDGs through their core business expertise. A key aspect of this initiative is to encourage companies dealing with developing countries to adapt their business models to help improve the...

Make Poverty Business

This book provides methods of bridging the gap by constructing a rigorous profit-making argument for multinational corporations to do more business with the poor. The book should be read by international business managers seeking to increase profits and decrease risk in developing countries, and by...

Israel map page

ReliefWeb is a United Nations information portal and includes a map resource. This link shows general maps of Israel and the surrounding area.

Business and Poverty: Opening markets to the poor

Business and Poverty: Opening markets to the Poor, an issue of Development Outreach published by the World Bank Institute, discusses how companies can operate profitably in emerging market economies, while enhancing the well-being of the poor by nurturing them as producers and consumers. The...

Developing Successful Global Health Alliances

Developing Successful Global Health Alliances, a study by McKinsey&Company at the request of the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation, assesses the state of global health alliances. The study reviewed whether alliances are appropriate, whether initiatives were progressing toward their stated...

Trade Liberalization and Poverty: Policy Challenges from Latin America

Trade Liberalization and Poverty: Policy Challenges from Latin America, a WTO conference session abstract, discusses major policy challenges relevant to creating positive effects of trade liberalization on development and particularly on making trade pro-poor. The panellists shared views on the...

Millennium Development Goal 8: Delivering on the Global Partnership for Achieving the MDGs

Millennium Development Goal 8: Delivering on the Global Partnership for Achieving the MDGs, a report of the MDG Gap Task Force, was prepared for improving the monitoring of MDG-8. More than 20 UN agencies are represented in the Task Force, including the World Bank and the IMF, as well as the OECD...

World Health Organization (WHO) - Events Calendar

This WHO page lists details of upcoming and past WHO conferences, with press releases on each event.

Law restricting the work of NGOs

This web page provides information on Law 84 of 2002 (the NGO Law), passed by Egypt's Shura Council (People's Assembly) on the 3rd of June 2002. A direct affront to the right to freedom of association, the NGO Law invests the Egyptian Ministry of Social Affairs with wide powers over the operation...

Partnership Declaration

The Partnership Declaration relates to cross-sector collaboration between different stakeholder groups. The Partnership Declaration is a direct challenge to the corporate business, government and charitable sector to tackle the persistent problems of poverty, environmental degradation and...

UNICEF Corporate Partnerships - Examples

UNICEF Corporate Partnerships - Examples, a series of web pages, details UNICEF's corporate partnerships with a range of companies. Conference Listings

Scotland's voluntary sector website provides listings of conferences related to NGOs.

Phatthaya Yellow pages - Welfare, Orphanage's & Services

Phatthaya Business Directory is a database for Thailand, specifically Chonburi. Several orphanages are listed in this directory.

Mali Customs and Tariff Information

This website provides basic customs and tariff information for all countries included in the “French zone” of north and central Africa. Follow the links for customs information for The Republic of Mali under “Afrique du l‘Ouest” or “UEMOA” (Union Economique et Monitaire Ouest Africaine). Articles...

World Health Organization (WHO) - International Travel and Health

This section of the WHO website offers guidance on the full range of health risks likely to be encountered at specific destinations and associated with different types of travel - from business, humanitarian and leisure travel to backpacking and adventure tours.

Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (NTEN) - Nonprofit Technology Conference, New Orleans, 17-19 March, 2011

NTEN is an association of professionals and technology providers seeking to improve the nonprofit sector's use of technology. Effective technology can help nonprofits to achieve greater social impact. At the annual technology conference, breakout groups are scheduled, including topics such as...

Coordination of International Humanitarian Assistance in Tsunami-Affected Countries

Coordination of International Humanitarian Assistance in Tsunami-Affected Countries is an evaluation of the international humanitarian assistance following the tsunami. This evaluation covers three countries: Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, with some additional observations from Thailand....

University of Texas Map Library

The University of Texas Map Library, also known as the Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection, includes geographical, historical, and other types of maps from around the world.

UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) - TRAINS (TRade Analysis and INformation System) - Malaysia page

The TRAINS country notes summarise the trade control measures, tariffs and other import regulations.