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Christian Cultural Association for Children and Youth (KHERO)


Christian Cultural Association for Children and Youth (KHERO) is a school that provides an education to needy children. The children, who range in age from 3 to 8 years old, are taught entirely in English.

Society for Community Organisation and Rural Development (SCORD)


SCORD is a community-based organisation whose main objective is raising up women in society by involving them in environment rehabilitation, income-generation using locally available resources and activities such as tree-planting.

Bright Hope International Verified non-profit organisation


Bright Hope International seeks to serve the world's absolute poor with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. Services provided by Bright Hope International include job creation, family support, economic development and emergency relief.

Witham (Specialist Vehicles) Ltd


Witham (Specialist Vehicles) Ltd is the sole sales and marketing agent for UK Ministry of Defence vehicles, plant and equipment. Some vehicles and equipment are provided to overseas aid organisations.

Glasgow the Caring City Verified non-profit organisation


Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Glasgow the Caring City (GCC) works in many countries across the globe. In Glasgow the charity runs a cafe for children with special needs, and provides for the care and welfare of asylum seekers daily. GCC has a fleet of vans and a warehouse where aid is collected and...

Nodec AS


Nodec A/S is a Norwegian exporter of canned fish products and acts as the joint representative of the Norwegian canning industry concerning the delivery of canned fish products. Through the World Food Programme, Nodec has delivered canned fish to approximately sixty countries worldwide both for...

Medentech Ltd


Medentech Ltd is a product development and manufacturing company specialising in disinfection, hygiene and water purification products worldwide. Medentech has a long history of supplying products to international and national aid agencies and NGOs (e.g., water purification and disinfection in the...

Humanity at Heart


Humanity at Heart provides aid, support and training, either directly or in partnership with other charities, to the most disadvantaged people in Romania. It aims to help them to escape the cycle of social and economic poverty. Aid includes food and clothing, health and hygiene facilities, and...

Calvary Chapel Kagarlyk


Calvary Chapel Kagarlyk focuses on spiritual and social development.

YWAM Mercy Ministries International Verified non-profit organisation


YWAM-Mercy is operational in more than 100 countries as it seeks to impact more than 100 million living in absolute poverty in the next 20 years. From agricultural assistance to health care to micro enterprise development, YWAM-Mercy seeks to meet the felt needs of individuals and communities,...