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Melanesia Education Development Foundation Inc


The Melanesia Education Development Foundation Inc promotes educational development opportunities for less fortunate children, students and the people of Papua New Guinea and Greater Melanesia. The Foundation runs three programmes for which they need additional resources: a sponsorship programme...

Centre for HIV/AIDS and STD Research (CHISTRE)


The Centre for HIV/AIDS and STD Research (CHISTRE) is a Nigerian NGO that works with and for people affected by HIV/AIDS. CHISTRE's main focus is on rural areas, concentrating on the development of projects offering prevention services, as well as providing care to orphaned and vulnerable...

King World Missions


King World Missions is an organisation based in a township near Lusaka. The Mission aims to deliver quality education to the community, in particuar to young children and the needy. The organisation's current priority is building a school to cater for 100 children who have missed out on mainstream...

Women Initiative To Eradicate Poverty


Women Initiative To Eradicate Poverty empowers women through programmes involving income generation, food security, HIV/AIDS awareness, agriculture, and microfinance.

Save Our Lives- SOS! Panay and Guimaras


Save Our Lives, SOS! Panay and Guimaras is a broad alliances of organizations, institutions, groups and individuals bonded together to address the issues and concerns brought about by the oil spill tragedy in Guimaras, Philippines on August 11, 2006. It addresses relief and medical assistance of...

Buddu Social Development Association (BUSODA) Verified non-profit organisation


Buddu Social Development Association (BUSODA)is a registered NGOworking with orphans and vulnerable children and women in poor rural communities of Masaka in southern Uganda. BUSODA works with its partners on HIV/AIDS information and prevention programmes, conducts advocacy activities on behalf...

World Emergency Relief Verified non-profit organisation


World Emergency Relief (WER) is a US based organisation that provides aid and relief to those in need worldwide, in a responsible and culturally appropriate way. Gifts in kind including medicine, food, clothing, seeds, tools, and many other items help meet immediate humanitarian needs and also...

Dawn-European Network Verified non-profit organisation


Dawn European Network is a gifts-in-kind organisation, based in Switzerland, which takes corporate donations and distributes them to charities working amongst the poor, mainly in Eastern Europe. From deep-frozen food to washing powder, this group seeks to save useful resources from being dumped, to...

Incopro Corporation


Incopro offers services to assist organisations in all parts of the supply chain. Incopro specialises in developing traffic packages for remote markets in parts of the world that have geographical, economical or political challenges, and can offer full door-to-door export/import management service,...



Globetrucker offers deliveries by truck for humanitarian purposes, including deliveries of educational toys and material to NGOs. Their goal is “to promote a better image of road transportation and to support humanitarian causes in a concrete and precise manner.” Globetrucker offers a discount for...