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National Veterans Foundation (NVF)


National Veterans Foundation (NVF) offers emotional support and information about the services and resources available to veterans in the community. NVF provides crisis intervention, benefits counseling, medical treatment, food or shelter, legal aid, and training for employment.

Associacion Censervacion Torotoro (ACT)


Associacion Censervacion Torotoro (ACT) focuses upon nature conservation, cultural conservation, indigenous community protection and aid.

All Nations Believer's Church (ANBC)


All Nations Believer's Church (ANBC) is a religious organisation involved in various humanitarian projects.

World Vision Verified non-profit organisation


World Vision is a Christian relief and development organisation working for the well being of all people, especially children. Through emergency relief, education, health care, economic development and through raising public awareness they seek to promote the situation of the needy and provide for...

Can-Sea Logistics


Can-Sea Logistics provides air and ocean cargo transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing, and logistics support. Can-Sea are specialists in the transport of oversized or awkward cargo.

Joys Memorial Educational Society


Joys Memorial Educational Society provides income generating training programmes for women and schools for the advancement of rural children. Areas of vocational training include soft toy making, printing and dyeing of cloth, tailoring, leather garment work, and making jute goods. Other projects...

Stichting ORA Verified non-profit organisation


Stichting ORA is a non-denominational Christian relief and development organisation that serves people in need in 23 countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. ORA does not have projects of its own, but supports more than 60 local projects, organizations and churches financially and with relief...

Baan Jai Dee


Project Baan Jai Dee seeks to house orphaned, abandoned and relinquished children in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Union Rescue Mission (URM) Verified non-profit organisation


Union Rescue Mission (URM) is a non-profit, interdenominational Christian organisation dedicated to serving the poor and homeless. URM operates several gift-in-kind projects such as the Toystore, which provides toys for low-income and homeless families. URM also receives car donations and donations...

Operation USA


Operation USA is a privately funded relief organisation that sends relief shipments worldwide. Operation USA projects include training programmes, clinic support and outreach.